Discover how Trust and your ego affects relationships to inspire a plan on how to manage politics better

What you will learn

What is Trust

How trust defines politics

Coming up with a plan to manage politics

Real life case studies on the application of our trust equation


Do you trust your best friend? Could they keep a secret? How about your work colleagues? Trust is the measure of a relationship and is the key driver of office politics. This course is a unique and novel way to look at how we can turn “bad” politics into “good politics”, build better relationships, and collaborate more effectively. Based on the author’s own extensive research and practical experience, Jon provides examples on applying the model to derive the practical steps that can make the difference between dispute and progress, where information is shared and upon which collaboration can improve.

The course includes:

  • What is Trust
  • How trust defines politics
  • Coming up with a plan to manage politics

This course is the fourth in a series that covers our “VITAR” framework for Relationship Management. Relationship Management is a core skill for anyone who needs to interact with people to get the job done. Different approaches, values, ways of communicating, empathy, ego and authenticity are all important considerations, yet in the bustle of our daily lives, we either forget, rely on our innate stock of skills because they have worked in the past or just muddle through. We could get the job done far quicker, but we need to unlock the code of Effective Relationships to do so. Having a solid foundation in Trust and Office politics is one of the keys that unlock that code.

To understand where this course fits into the “VITAR” framework for Relationship Management Series, Search for the FREE course in Relationship Management / Overview by Jon Baxter.

Benefits of applying the VITAR Framework for Relationship Management:

Become a Trusted Advisor

•Move away from taking orders to being called for advice

•Recognise the fundamental principles behind trust

•Check-in with your influencing behaviours

•Understand AND practice “soft skills” of persuasion and influence

Enable Clearer Communications.

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•Manage expectations consistently

•Adjust your style of engagement

•Start with your audience’s challenges in mind

Early and Senior Engagement

•Access Decision Makers earlier in developing ideas based on trust and credibility.

•Inspire confidence to deal with Senior Stakeholders

Gain Role Clarity

•Best practices for enabling relationship management

•Clarify a colleague’s contribution

•Hold people to account





Main Course

The Ultimate Measure of a Relationship
Our Trust Equation
Ego Drives Politics
Definition of Politics
Exercise – Your Ego and Company Politics
Sow the Seeds of Good Politics
What’s your Political Agenda?
How to Manage Politics
Counteract – Political Strategy
Energize – Political Strategy
Leverage – Political Strategy
Case Study – Elijah
Case Study – Jen
Exercise – Applying the Trust Equation to Politics
Questions to Reflect on

The Big Picture

The Big Picture

Bonus Section

Bonus – Next Steps