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The perfect blueprint for developing a transcription career

What you will learn

Transcription software tools

How to transform full verbatim to a clean transcript

How to find high paying transcription jobs

How to prepare a winning resume for applications


A concise and step by step course that prepares you to become a transcriptionist working from home. In this course you will understand what is transcription and how you can do build a career out of an easy to learn skill. The home supplies and equipment you need to start transcription is well explained.

A discussion about the software tools that you need to do transcription is part of this course. Learn the latest tools that will make your work easier and maximize productivity working from home.

The course explains how to do full verbatim and a clean transcription. There is a deep dive into how to transform full verbatim into a clean transcript that is preferred by most transcription companies.

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The most exciting part of this course are the practice lectures where you will listen to audio files and observe the clean transcriptions. The examples will show you how to be accurate and effective. These examples will make learning effective.

This course will equip you with knowledge on how to effectively apply for transcription jobs and get accepted. There is a comprehensive guide on the places you can find high paying transcription jobs. You will succeed if you follow the steps that are described in the lecture.





Home Office Set up

Lecture 2: Home office set up guide
Lecture 3: Software tools for transcription

Transcription of audio files

Full verbatim transcription
Lecture 5 : Practice audio file: Interview

How to find transcription jobs

Lecture 6: How to find transcription jobs