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This video explains the Japanese learning items that you must learn if you want to work in Japan.

The abilities that are really necessary for employment are fixed.  However, the employment agent site only advises you to “make a track record that you can write on your resume anyway”, and the Japanese language learning site says “pass the most difficult exam”.

It’s definitely better to have it.  But your time is finite.

There is no doubt that you should pass the most difficult exam, but there are many people who work in Japan without it.

How did they do it?

This course gives you a free way to get a job as efficiently as they do.

Only you who have seen this course can quickly decide to get a job in Japan without wasting time studying for difficult exams by being confused by just a learning site.

Your learning is not just for you to become a Japanese qualification exam collector.  Instead of just aiming for the most difficult exams, you should think about what is most efficient for you, has the best cost performance, and makes more money.  And, in order to improve your life in Japan, let’s acquire Japanese ability to enjoy the relationships and hobbies in Japan to the fullest.  Learn the shortest route for that here.





Why you should see this course

Why is it difficult for you to work in Japan

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Actually successful method

What only people in Japanese companies know

Specifically what you should do

Required Japanese ability

About JLPT

Overview of JLPT

Overview of N5

Overview of N4

Overview of N3

3 abilities for an interview

1. Speaking, listening, reading and writing skills necessary for business

2. Ability to collect and disseminate information such as skill acquisition

3. Knowledge of business background, Japanese culture and economy to do the job