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Entry level TIG welding (GTAW) course meant to get you ready for your first time welding with TIG process.

What you will learn

TIG Welding Basic Technique

TIG Welding Torch Set Up

Welding Gas Setup

Welding Safety


In this course, you will learn a few things that are critical to the TIG welding process.
-Welding safety

-TIG Welding Machine Set Up

-TIG Welding Machine Functions

-Metal Preparation for TIG welding

-Welding gases and safe transport

-TIG welding Torch set up and parts

-How to Weld different joint types

-How to identify problems with your TIG welding

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-Access to a community of aspiring welders and fabricators to share the experience with

This TIG welding course is designed to get you started in the welding process with confidence, and to be able to operate a TIG welding machine for any welding project you have.

TIG welding is a great welding process to learn because it allows you the ability to weld many different types of metal all with the same machine just different settings and parameters.

Once experienced with the TIG welding process you will be able to weld and repair just about any project you can think of.

This TIG course will get your knowledge to the next level, whether you’re looking to start a a career or wanting a fun hobby to keep you busy, this course is what you have been waiting for!

After I started my welding journey it became clear to me how much I loved this type of work and now I’m working on sharing it with the world.

Please come join me and my community of hard working aspiring welders and fabricators where your next project is just a few videos away.





Welding Safety

TIG Welding Safety

TIG Macine Set Up

TIG Machine Overview

Tungsten Sharpening

Tungsten Overview

TIG Torch Set Up

TIG Torch Overview

Welding Gas

TIG Welding Gas Regulators and Cylinders
Welding Gas Overview

TIG Welding Steel

Autogenous Welding
Bead On Plate
TIG Welding Different Joints