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An Introduction to Threat Intelligence

What you will learn

Analyze malicious links

Block botnets

Scan webpages

Threat Intelligence Dashboards


Threat intelligence is data collected, processed, and analyzed to understand a threat actor’s motivations, goals, and attack behavior. Threat intelligence enables us to make faster, more informed, data-driven security decisions and shift behavior from reactive to proactive in the fight against threat actors.

Threat intelligence is the analysis of data using tools and techniques to generate meaningful information about existing or emerging threats that target an organization and help reduce risk. Threat intelligence helps organizations make faster, more informed security decisions and shift their behavior from reactive to proactive to mitigate attacks.

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In this course you will learn how to scan urls for malicious software (malware), how to scan a web page, how to use threat intelligence tools and botnets. The internet is full of threat and these are only some of the threats you can face when using the internet. The course is aimed at beginners, who are new to Cyber Security. You don’t need any prior knowledge before starting the course.

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to determine if a link (url)Β is malicious before clicking on it. You’ll be able to browse various botnet, malware databases and you’ll be able to access a list of the most recent malicious links found on the internet. After completing the course, you’ll have an idea about Cyber Security and will be a little safer on the net.




Scan URL
Scan Webpage
Malware Database
Botnet Database
Malicious Links Database
Talos Dashboard