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ProZ is the best website out there for Freelance Translators to find new jobs. Unlike Upwork, which is for all Freelancers, it specializes in translations. It is also much more widely used than Translatorscafe, also thanks to its extensive database of Translation agencies, complete with ratings and reviews by other translators. Also, when agencies are looking for translators, this is the main website they will use.

Unfortunately, it can also be difficult to navigate, and many translators delay getting signed up, or sign up and don’t complete their profile, or just don’t use the options to the fullest.

So this course helps you do just that. It will cover everything from getting set up to making the best use of the website. This course will cover:

– Signing up

– Setting up a free account in order to explore jobs

– The best way to pay for the account

– How to complete your profile

– How to have jobs come to you

– How to apply for jobs

– Extra tips and tricks

In short, this course will help you get the absolute most out of ProZ. This is a relatively short but essential course for all Freelance Translators out there. This course is also self-paced and continuously updated.

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Setting up

First Steps

Looking for Jobs

The Blue Board

Submitting a Quote

Getting Paid Membership

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Make Jobs Come to You

Your ProZ Profile

Completing Your Profile


Services and Offerings



Professional Experience

Profile Section: Marketing and Promotion

Marketing and Promotion


Profile Greeting


CV / Resume

Finishing up

Data Security



Profile Page

Using ProZ

Getting Your First Ratings/Reviews

KudoZ Points. Why They’re Important.

Example of a Job Posting

Thank you! And Extra Resources!

Thank you! And Extra Resources!