YouTube Marketing Full Course

What you will learn

YouTube Marketing & Introduction – What You will benefit in this course

A tour step by step guide to YouTube Marketing & Channel Creation

Video Editing Made easy for your Recorded Video

Full channel Optimization

Designs Of Banners, Thumbnails Etc

Incorporate Affiliate marketing & Make Money



In this Blueprint, I’ll be taking you from a complete beginner (a person that doesn’t even have any skills or idea) of YouTube to someone consistently making 6 figures. I also hold you by the hand and make sure you’re not making any mistakes in the entire process.

The YouTube Optimization Blueprint is where I show you the in and out of unsaid fact about YouTube.

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Here’s what you’ll be getting: A step by step process on how to create a Goggle business account correctly without getting error

Secondly: In this course you will learn how to create a Brand YouTube channel. Which I intensively explained why you need to get a BRAND YouTube channel and its impact on your channel. You will also learn How you can choose a brand color for your business I’ll also be showing you the hidden ways to make more endorsement I will show you HOW TO CREATE YouTube THUMBNAILS For Your Videos

I will show you The FULL OPTIMIZING PROCESS, I will show you HOW TO GET ENDORSEMENT THAT WILL GENERATE YOU COOL MONEY. I will show you How to Add Links to your Channel.



The Ultimate YouTube Blueprint for Entrepreneurial Success

Introduction to the course
Editing & Casting
Full Course
Extensive Pdf