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New to boxing? Start your training right by learning the essentials from a world-class boxing coach

What you will learn

Learn the essential boxing basics.

Perfect for complete beginners to boxing.

Learn how to train safely in boxing to avoid injury.

Learn how to stand in a proper boxer’s stance.

Learn and practice boxing punches.

Learn and practice boxing defence.

Learn and practice boxing footwork.

Learn how to wrap your hands safely for your boxing training.

Learn how to skip or jump rope like a boxer.

Learn from a world-class boxing coach.

Learn the history and structure of boxing as a sport.

On completion continue your boxing training safely and effectively.

On completion continue training to become a certified HIIB – HIIT Boxing Coach.

On completion continue training to become a certified BoxingYoga™ Coach.


Creator of ‘The Complete Boxing Fitness & Skills Course’ – the Highest Rated boxing course on Udemy – legendary booxing coach, Matt Garcia, brings you his Boxing Basics Course for Beginners.

The Boxing Basics Course for Beginners is designed for anyone who want to learn the essential boxing basics or personal trainers and fitness instructors who want real boxing knowledge.

Created by Total Boxer founder and England Boxing ‘Champion’s Coach’, Matt Garcia, this course includes techniques he has used to guide thousands of boxing beginners and fitness enthusiasts for more than 20 years.

Whether you want to learn real boxing skills or improve your boxing knowledge as a fitness coach this course will give you the perfect start.

With guidance from Matt over a series of videos and supporting documents you will learn essential basic boxing skills. You will learn and practise how to stand, move, defend with head movement, hands and footwork and, of course, throw punches from singles to combinations.

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Using clear, easy to follow instructions, you can follow Matt in the comfort of your own home or at the gym, by yourself or with a partner. No equipment is required and there is no contact or physical impact.

The supporting comprehensive PDF course manuals contain detailed text, photos and diagrams to help build your understanding and be used as a reference throughout your boxing journey. You will also learn about boxing history, boxing rules, common boxing errors and how to correct them, the importance of nutrition, breathing technique and more.

On completion of the course you have the perfect foundation to continue your boxing training, or even consider becoming a fully qualified HIIB or BoxingYoga Coach.

Let’s go, Champ!



Welcome to Boxing Basic Training


Course Manual

Course Manual

Boxing Basic Training: Stance & Footwork

The Boxers Stance
Boxing Footwork

Boxing Basic Training: Punches

The TechCheck
Learning the Jab
Learning the Cross
Learning the Hook
Learning the Uppercut
Learning Combination Punches

Boxing Basic Training: Defence

Slips and Rolls
Parries and Blocks

Boxing Knowledge

Boxing Knowledge

An Introduction to Boxing Training

An Introduction to Boxing Training

How to Wrap Your Hands for Boxing

How to Wrap Your Hands for Boxing

Boxer Essentials

Boxer Essentials

Course Completion

The Journey Has Only Just Started!

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