Learn the techniques to master the art of public speaking, overcome fears and inspire your audience.

What you will learn

How to plan a great public speech

How to prepare yourself physically and psychologically

Impressive opening of speech

How to deliver an inspiring public speaking session

Closing the speech with a lasting impression

How to engage & energize the audience


This course is for everyone – for teachers, business owners, professional presenters, managers, coaches and motivational speakers. Public Speaking is a great way to show the leadership and communication Skills. Learn techniques to master the art of public speaking, plan your speech, anticipate any challenges and how to handle those, overcome anxiety and fears and how to inspire your audience.

You may wonder, why taking this public speaking is important? The answer is simple. This public speaking course can help you grow your skills more quickly. Plus, you’ll get valuable feedback from the instructor and answer your queries.

Learning these skills demands time and thickness, and, most importantly, learning to conquer your fears while facing an followership and perfecting the mindset imperative for a public speaker.

Whilst giving a talk or presenting intimately, one of the gracious effects to do is to value other people’s time. Then, brief communication is the key, besides chancing your authentic style of speaking and not imitating your favourite speakers. The more you do it, the better you’ll get.

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It’s vital to pay attention to the mortal factor to connect better with your cult. Pay heed to whether your followership is wearied or are you keeping them engaged, as they will bond with you and not your donation.

Most importantly, your story and commerce should have a gist. suppose about who your followership is and what their prospects are. Bring home important points on the content that your followership might not know, and suppose about how you can convert them. simply informing people can get mundane.

Developing your public speaking skills can put you at a big advantage in your career, as it can lead to opportunities that others may avoid.

Public speaking tips and techniques that are discussed in this course, will help you get comfortable in front of audiences and speak with confidence.




Course Learning Outcomes

Planning a Public Speech

Identify audience and the purpose
Structure your speech
Role of Story Telling

Physical and Psychological Preparation for Public Speech

Getting ready for a public speech
Warming up before going to stage
Know about Physical Arrangements
Handling Anxiety

Opening Your Speech

Establish Speaker’s Credibility
05 ways to open speech
Common Speech Opening Mistakes

Delivering Speech

Vocal Variety During Delivery
Body Language of Public Speaker
Dealing with mishaps

Speech Closing Techniques

Speech Closing Techniques

Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

Overcome fear of Public Speaking
Boost Confidence for Public Speaking

Engage & Energize the Audience

Keeping audience engaged
Energizing audience


Conclusion & Way Forward