Terraform AWS | 100% Hands-on Labs from Scratch | All in one, Learning Terraform and Gaining Official Certificate

What you will learn

Learn Terraform basics and Advanced Concepts like Modules, Interpolation, State Files

Infrastructure as Code

Hashicorp Configuration Language

Be able to apply DevOps Techniques

Launch AWS EKS cluster using Terraform

Learn basic GCP and Azure concepts. Launch GCP and Azure resources using Terraform


Welcome to this Amazing course on Terraform Associate Certification: Terraform AWS & Terraform GCP. Below is the list of modules covered in this course.

Terraform Concepts Covered

01. Terraform Install

02. Command Basics (init, validate, plan, apply)

03. Language Syntax (Blocks, Arguments)

04. Settings Block

05. Provider Block

06. Resources Block

07. Resource Meta-Arguments (depends_on, count, for_each)

08. Input Variables – Basics

09. Input Variables – Assign When Prompted

10. Input Variables – Override default with CLI var

11. Input Variables – Assign with terraform.tfvars

12. Input Variables – Assign with tfvars var-file argument

13. Input Variables – Assign with auto tfvars

14. Input Variables – Lists

15. Input Variables – Maps

16. Input Variables – Sensitive Input Variables

17. Function: File

18. Output Values

19. Local Values

20. Datasources

21. Backends – Remote State Storage

22. File Provisioner

23. local-exec Provisioner

24. remote-exec Provisioner

25. Null Resource

26. Modules from Public Registry

27. Build Local Module

28. For Loop with Lists

29. For Loop with Maps

30. For Loops with Advanced Maps

31. Legacy Splat Operator

32. Latest Splat Operator

33. Function: toset

34. Function: tomap

35. Function: keys

36. Module Upgrades

37. Random Resource

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Who this course is for:

  • Infrastructure Architects or Sysadmins or Developers who are planning to master Terraform
  • Any beginner who is interested in learning IaC Infrastructure as Code current trending tool Terraform
  • Anyone who wants to learn Terraform from a Real-World perspective

Note: This course Primarily focuses on AWS(90% of the course is AWS-based). Some sections of this course focus on Google Cloud (GCP) and Azure.

By the end of the course, you will have implemented a fully functioning deployment process, comparable to what you might find at any major tech company.

Udemy and the author of this course are not liable for any cloud service provider charges you may incur while executing the exercises in this course.




Course Introduction

Course Introduction

Procedure Document and Resource Location

What is Terraform as Software

Pre-Requisite SetUp and Installation

SetUp Free-Tier AWS Account

Create Cloud Machine for Terraform Execution

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Terraform Installation & Verification

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Install Terraform on MacOS / Windows

Start With Terraform Basics

Terraform Configuration Language

AWS SetUp for Terraform

Create Machine Using Terraform

Provide Creds in Separate Centralised File

Provide Creds in Environment Variables

Create Multiple Instances

Terraform Variables Detailed Explanation

Variables in Terraform

Use of Variable in Conf File

Lab : Use of Variable in Conf File

Lab : List and Map Variables

Terraform Concepts – Building Blocks

Provision Software with Terraform

Lab : Provision Software with Terraform

DataSource in Terraform

Lab : DataSource in Terraform

Lab 2 : DataSource in Terraform

Output Attribute in TF

Lab : Output Attribute in TF

Remote State in Terraform

Lab : Remote State in Terraform

Terraform for AWS Cloud

AWS VPC Introduction

AWS VPC Introduction II

Demo : AWS VPC & Security Group

Lab : Create AWS VPC & NAT Gateway

Launch EC2 Instance using Custom VPC

Lab : Launch EC2 Instance using Custom VPC

Elastic Block Store (EBS) in AWS

Demo : Elastic Block Store (EBS) in AWS

Lab : Elastic Block Store (EBS) in AWS

User Data in AWS

Lab: User Data using Script

Lab : User Data using Cloud Init

Terraform for AWS Cloud Part II

AWS RDS Basics

Lab : Create RDS

AWS Access and Identity Management

Lab : IAM Users and Groups

Lab : AWS IAM Roles

EC2 Instance Autoscaling

Lab : EC2 Instance Autoscaling

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Load Balancing in AWS

Lab : AWS Load Balancing

Terraform Modules | Code Re-Useability

Terraform Module and Application

Lab : Terraform Source From GITHUB

Lab : Local Path Module

Lab : AWS VPC Module Part I

Lab : AWS VPC Module Part II

Lab : AWS VPC Module Part III

Conditions , Loops in Terraform

Condition Statements in Terraform

Lab : Condition Statements in Terraform

Terraform Built-In Functions

Lab : Terraform Built-In Functions