Tea and Dim Sum Pairing with Nom Wah
Virtual Tea and Dim Sum Pairing

What you will learn

Understanding what makes a good food and beverage pairing

Learn how tea & food pairing works

Evaluate various Tea and Dim Sum Pairings

Create a tea pairing with any type of Dim Sum


Here are two articles that you should read before starting the Tea and Dim Sum Pairing Course: 1. Brewing with a Mug or Teapot: – This article will teach you how to brew tea using either a mug or a teapot. – It will provide step-by-step instructions on the brewing process. – You will learn about the different brewing temperatures and steeping times for various types of tea. – This method is suitable for everyday tea brewing and is easy to follow. 2. Brewing Gong Fu Style: – This article will introduce you to the traditional Chinese method of tea brewing known as Gong Fu style. – You will learn about the special teaware used in Gong Fu style brewing, such as a gaiwan or Yixing teapot. – The article will explain the importance of multiple infusions and how they enhance the flavor of the tea. – This method is more complex and requires more time and attention to detail, but it results in a more flavorful and enjoyable tea experience. Please note that the teas used in the Brewing Course may vary due to seasonal changes and limited availability. Once a tea is sold out, it cannot be recreated exactly the same. This adds to the uniqueness and diversity of the tea selection.

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Tea & Dim Sum with Nom Wah

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