How to Start Your US Staffing and Recruiting Business From Anywhere


This free course is for aspirants who are interested in starting HR Management Consultancy, Staffing and Recruiting Agency or IT Staffing firm in the United States. This is for everyone in the Corporate Recruitment Department or In the Staffing and Recruiting Industry willing to grow with more knowledge and exposure so as to have a greater understanding of the recruiting business in the United States.

You might be an Investor, HR professional, Recruitment professional, or someone who is interested in starting an HR business in the United States from anywhere in the world. This course will give you information and value to understand the US Staffing business overview, departments, roles, and all things required to start a business.

Through this course, you will have an understanding of the business, team structures, various roles, and their responsibilities, sourcing, recruiting, and engagement of the candidates or applicants.

You will learn about:

  • US Staffing Business Overview
  • Staffing Departments
  • Agency Roles
  • Systems and Softwares – CRM & ATS
  • US Taxation
  • US Immigration
  • Accounts & Delivery Management

This is a free course so, please kindly check out my premium courses to add more value to your learning and needs. Also, don’t forget to rate the course and feedback about the overall course for improvement and addition of value to the course for existing and new students.






US Staffing Business Overview

US Staffing Departments or Difference Teams

Market Research, B2B Lead Generation in US Staffing Business

Business Development, Sales Team & CRM Tools

Resume Database Search & Profile Management of IT Candidates

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Applicant Tracking System For Recruitment Management

Job Advertising & Recruitment Marketing

Email Campaigns – Target Drip Emails For Jobs

Legal Contracts & Accounting Department

Different Recruiting Roles in US Staffing Agency

Other Aspects of The US Staffing Business

Other Aspects of Staffing and Recruiting Business

US Essential Knowledge

US Taxation Terms for Consultants

US Immigration & Types of Visas

Other Roles within US Staffing Environment