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Build a Passive income source using a discount and coupon codes website on autopilot with multiple traffic sources.

What you will learn

How to create a Professional discount and coupon codes website without coding

How to add coupons and stores manually and also automate the process using api’s to make your website on autopilot

Multiple ways to get traffic to your website using organic and social sources

Some Insider ways to monetize your website and boost your revenue using sources like affiliate and adsense


In this course you will be learning about setting up a passive income source and setting up an online business that would be working on autopilot and you will be making income as a passive income source from a discount and coupons website built using wordpress without any coding or programming knowledge and you don’t need to manage this discount and coupon codes website because this website would be automated and would be on the autopilot.

There is a little or no investment for creating or developing this website because you just need domain, hosting and cost of a theme because we are going to use a premium wordpress theme to make a website completely professional and to make our business completely professional so that we can start making revenue from this business without a lot investment of time or resources.

This business would take a few days to set it up and then this affiliate marketing business would be on autopilot and this is not an only affiliate marketing business but you would be monetizing your website through affiliate commissions and also adds hands and a lot other income source is that would be mentioned in this course.

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This course would help you to build a sustainable passive income source and start up profitable discount and coupon codes website on autopilot which is similar to an online arbitrage website but it would be a bit different it because you don’t own any product or you don’t buy any product but you are getting profit from the traffic you have and the sales you are giving a to the merchant.

So let’s just get right into the course so that you can explore more about the course and the business and you can get into the business before it’s too late.




Income Expectations & How it works

Section 1: Discount Coupons Website Design

What’s Inside
Setup up Domain & Web Hosting
WordPress Dashboard Overview & Settings
Install ClipMyDeals WordPress Theme
Get All Problems Solved
Theme Customization & Configuration Settings
Create New & Custom Pages
Setup Google Search Console, Analytics & Adsense

Section 2: SEO to Get Traffic from Google

What’s Inside?
Setting up SEO Plugin
Importance of Backlinks
Top 7 Strategies to Create High Quality Backlinks

Section 3: Add/Edit new Coupons & Products

What’s Inside
Where to Get Coupons from?
Add Stores, Locations, Brands & Coupons Manually
Add Coupons Automatically using Coupon Api
Make Website on Autopilot using LinkMyDeals
Import/Export coupons in bulk

Section 4: Exploring Some Extra Features

What’s Inside
Configure Cashback Plugin
Configure Comparison Tables Plugin
Create Coupon Browser Extension
Create Android/iOS App for Discount/Coupons

Section 5 – Free: Advanced Affiliate Traffic Methods

What’s Inside
From Popular shoutouts
Using Tiktok/Shorts/Reels for Traffic
PRO: Using Pinterest for Traffic

Section 6 – Advanced Monetization Methods Lecture

What’s Inside
Method no #1:
Method no #2:
Method no #3:
Method no #4:

Thank you + Conclusions

Thank you + Conclusions