The White & Red Moon Cycles

What you will learn

Understand your Sacred Menstruation

learn about the White Moon Cycle

learn about the Red Moon Cycle

The Spiritual Reason for P.M.S.


In this mini course, you will hear all about the menstruation cycle and how it aligns with the Moon’s cycle. You may have about the two main cycles, The White Moon Cycle and The Red Moon Cycle. These cycles show us how our menstrual cycle aligns with the Moon to show us, and give us insight, into our current life purpose and our current priorities.

The White Moon Cycle, the Nurturer, bleeds over a New Moon phase, and is fertile over a Full Moon phase. The Red Moon Cycle, the Wise Woman,  being the opposite to this, bleeding over the Full Moon phase, and ovulating over the New Moon phase. Each of these has their archetypes, the Nurturer and the Wise Woman. Gaining a deeper understanding into these cycle and archetypes can provide a better understanding of self, one’s priorities and focuses. Following these cycles can help us to find alignment and to stay in alignment with our highest goals and values.

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Welcome! I offer this course for free, as this information for every womb-holder. Sharing this information is very important to me, personally. I wish for all women to have a greater understanding of the menstrual cycle, of the P.M.S.  and of the Crone. There are messages and lessons in everything, we must learn to decipher them.




Understanding your Sacred Menstruation
The White Moon Cycle
The Red Moon Cycle
Tips for the White Moon Woman
Tips for the Red Moon Woman
The Spiritual Reason for P.M.S.