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I’ll give you some essential examples and exercises so you can start speaking with confidence right away!

What you will learn

Spanish Preterite Tense – Spanish Most useful Past Tense

Spanish verbs in Past Tense

Spanish Vocabulary – Pretérito Indefinido

Spanish Past Tense


To learn verb conjugations, you need to focus on (and practice) one verb conjugation pattern at a time. And it all starts today with the Preterite Tense! Focus on one verb conjugation pattern at a time, and you’ll see, it’s really not that hard. It’s faster and It’s better.

Talking about the Past in Spanish is a vast topic, by far more complicated that talking about the present or the future so I’ll give you a peak inside just how to do it, armed with some essential verbs and phrases to really get you going!

I will be the narrator of this course, I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. We speak castellano here, our accent is a little bit different, if you want to learn with an Argentinian Speaker this course is perfect for you!

First I will explain you the basics and afterwards you will have to do some exercises. I’m sure you’ll like it.

After listening all the videos of this course you will be more confortable using the past tense in Spanish, I promise you that.

If you have any question don’t hesitate and write me a message, I will be glad to help you.

Remember that practice makes progress so keep studying Spanish!

Thank you 🙂





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-AR verb endings: Caminar

-AR verb endings: Confiar

-AR verb endings: Exercises

-ER verb endings: Beber

-ER verb endings: Perder

-ER verb endings: Exercises

-IR verb endings: Imprimir

-IR verb endings: Permitir

-IR verb endings: Exercises

-AR verb endings: Aceptar

-ER verb endings: Entender

-IR verb endings: Decidir

Final Exercises