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A deep dive into the unknown, for all ages.

What you will learn

Define the fundamentals behind Space Science.

Identify learning constraints and adapt to a STEM based education model.

Manage individual and group assignments to excel in Space Science.

Complete an objective-based curriculum on Space Education.


Learn from the ground up, and experience the basics of what constitutes planets, stars, moons, and the cosmic hierarchy.

Space-e-fic, formerly known as Project Cantilever, aims to popularize Space Education first across India, and then the world. While Science progresses at a jet plane’s pace, humanity stands to gain further still in the pursuit of Space and all the lies beyond the gravitational pull of our world. Join us as we explore the depths of the infinite and the unknown.

The first step towards assuring that the exploration is a success is our far-reaching attempt towards inculcating the knowledge of Space and Space Science to the masses. What starts with our next generation goes a long way towards accelerating progress towards the cosmos.

With Space-E-Fic Presents – Astronomy And Space Science, we aim to cultivate teams of budding space enthusiasts across every level of education, no matter the entry point. Starting with the fundamentals of Space and the Solar System, building through the concepts of terrestrial and Jovian planets, anomalies such as the Oort Cloud and the Kuiper Belt, and concluding with how the Sun came to be, the course we have outlined is sure to keep students engaged for more at every turn.




Lecture 2

Exploring Terrestrial Planets, By Akash Debnath (IACS, IIT Kharagpur)

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Lecture 3

The Jovian Belt & The Oort Cloud, By Akash Debnath (IACS, IIT Kharagpur)

Lecture 4

The Giant Molecular Cloud, By Akash Debnath (IACS, IIT Kharagpur)

Lecture 5

Gaseous Behavior, By Akash Debnath (IACS, IIT Kharagpur)

Lecture 6

The Proto-Planetary Disk, By Akash Debnath (IACS, IIT Kharagpur)

Lecture 7

The Birth of The Sun, By Akash Debnath (IACS, IIT Kharagpur)