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Solar PV Installation: Step-by-step
A practical approach..

What you will learn

How to practically install PV Solar System

How to conduct a Solar PV system assessment before installation

Master Solar PV System basic design.

Functionally test Solar PV System.


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This is a practical course on how to install a Solar PV System professionally.  This is not a deep theoretical session. But the theory is sufficient to master basic Electrical  principles, do calculations for design purposes. To survive in the Solar Technology space, it is importance to understand and know terminologies used and language spoken.

Have the minimum equipment and instruments to do an Electrical installation. Do a proper preparation for installation, gather information from customer requirements.  Then be ready to do an installation from day 1. Be on the lookout for common mistakes which will cost you dearly in the final product. Perform the installation Electrically safe and adhere to safety rules when executing the work. This will avoid Electrical shocks, injury on duty and damage to customers property.

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In the process of installation, be able to perform basic tests like continuity tests, check grid voltage, how to isolate circuits and use multimeter safely. Then also perform  functional testing  of PV system. After installation,  ensure that customers house is restored and all appliances, plugs and switches are working correctly. Further issue an Electrical compliance certificate as per Electrical regulations and legislation (in South Africa).

Also have the ability to best advice the customers of the suitable system  requirements as an installer. As a potential buyer have enough knowledge to make an informed decision to by a Solar PV System.

Master solar PV installations in a practical approach.




Solar PV key Terminology Part I
Solar PV key Terminology Part II
Solar PV key Terminology Part III
Series and parallel circuits
Test your knowledge

Day 0 : Installation

What to consider before an installation
What tools you need?
Gather customer requirements
PV System design
MC4 connectors Tips
Are you ready for installation?
Systems Theory and Solar PV installation

Day 1 : installation

Wiring plan
Preparing the Solar panel rails
Installing Solar Panels and testing
Routing wiring
Installing a combiner box
Installing inverter
Installing batterie(s)
Show stopper: Existing Electrical installation assessment
Final stage: Wiring inverter output to AC Load
Sign-off: Functional Testing and inspection checklist
Test your installation knowledge

PV Installation in Practice

5 mistakes to lookout for