Simple & Easy Crystals For Reiki
A FREE & Fun Workshop for those looking to add Crystals to their reiki in a no fuss way:)

What you will learn

Using Crystals for Reiki

Best Shape of Crystals for Charkra Balancing

Easy Crystal Care and Clearing

What core crystals are best to use along in Reiki

Best Crystals for your Reiki Space

Crystals to Bring Wealth to your Practice

Using your Reiki and Chakra Symbols on Crystals


Are you Drawn To Crystals? Are you ready to bring them into your Energy or Reiki Practice?

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This Workshop is a fun and simple way to learn what crystals work best with Reiki and how you can use them safely and energetically effectively!

  • Learn how to clear and charge crystals with out smoke
  • Learn which crystals are aligned to Reiki and vibrate at divine light & love frequency
  • Learn what crystals are best to plan in your Reiki room
  • LearnΒ  What Crystals helps to bring abundance in your Reiki Practice
  • Learn What Crystal is best to Place in your Reiki Box (intention box)



Meet the Teacher

Crystals for Reiki

Crystals for Reiki
Manifesting Your Dreams with Crystals


Final Quiz

Bonus Lecture

Bonus Lecture