How to do better outreach for partnerships and SEO linkbuilding

What you will learn

Research the right opportunities for SEO backlinking and partnerships

Find competitors’ backlinks

Speed up the outreach process for backlinking purposes

Organize an email inbox for a better overview of backlinking campaign


Are you about to do outreach for backlinking to improve the SEO of your website? Do you spend too much time looking for the right opportunities and manually contacting sites and blogs?

Iโ€™ve been doing SEO linkbuilding for over 10 years and Iโ€™ve discovered tools that greatly help in searching for the right opportunities and getting 5 times more replies.

Letโ€™s face it, reaching out to other sites and blogs to make partnership deals for backlinking is a time-consuming process. This course will teach you how to launch your outreach campaigns in virtually minutes and increase your chances of getting more replies from sites that are interested in your partnership offer.

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Throughout this course you will learn:

  • How to look for the right backlinking opportunities
  • Find your competitors backlinks
  • Instantly find websitesโ€™ email addresses
  • How to effectively automate and customize your outreach campaign
  • Organize your email inbox for a better follow up

The strategies layed out during this course can be adapted to any kind of website and in all niches, youโ€™ll just need to adapt them for your own or your clientโ€™s website.

Start doing outreach for linkbuilding the smart way and forget about the outdated methods that take too much time for little or no results.





Module 1

Looking up for the right backlinking opportunities

Module 2

Searching for competitors’ backlinks

Module 3

Easily find websites’ email addresses

Module 4

Automating and customizing the outreach process

Module 5

Better organize your email inbox

Module 6

A complete walkthrough of an outreach / backlinking campaign


Key Takeaways