Scriptwriting: The Writer’s Room Masterclass
Let’s Write Your First Short Film

What you will learn

Cultivate new and beginning storytellers with how to’s, tools, and tips

Understanding script writing fundamentals to write your short film

Resources to help become a better writer

How to use the materials you wrote in part one of this workshop and apply it in your script


Picking up from part one of this course, I’ll provide a lecture on how to structure and format your script by providing a foundation for your story by using writing examples and clips from my work. By applying the materials you wrote from part one of this workshop I hope to:

  • Cultivate new and beginning storytellers with how-to’s, tools, and tips
  • Establish an environment where students feel safe to learn in a creative space
  • Inspire, motivate, and evoke thoughts to paper to help students find their authentic voice in script format

Writing a script can feel intimidating, trust me I understand. Remember, we all have to be a beginner at some point and there have been many times when I felt underqualified or inexperienced — but when a story is placed in your heart trust that you will learn everything you need to know as you go. You simply have to start. So do not talk yourself out of it and don’t back down because you have to do some work. It’s a part of the process. You made it this far, which means you’re halfway there.

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If you did not take the first portion of this course, that’s okay. You can bring your ideas, or some will spark as you engage in the lectures.

I’ll see you in class.





What Is A Short Film?

What Is a Short Film?

Understanding the Format

How To Format Your Script

Developing Your Characters

Creating Your Characters and Setting Up Conflict

Characters and Dialogue

Writing Dialogue For Your Characters

Understanding Concept

How To Structure Your Concept and Plot
Developing Your Concept

Plot Diagram

Plot Diagram


Outlining Before You Draft Your Script

Outlining (Part 2)

Outlining Before You Draft Your Script (Part 2)

Bringing It All Together

Bringing It All Together


Conclusion: Extra Tips