Bite-size Learning of Essential Scientific Presentation Skills

What you will learn

Make scientific figures for publications and presentations

Make graphical abstract, scientific poster, infographics, data chart, flowchart, etc.

Make engaging scientific presentation for technical and non-technical context

Learn useful tips in Powerpoint to create high-quality scientific artwork


This course extracts and present the most essential skills needed by any students at any grade (school, college, and post-graduate), especially for those in STEM field.  You will find bite-size Videos of How to Make and Present Scientific Figures, Graphical Abstract, Poster, and Presentation for Student.

Gone through the Ph.D. myself, I extracted these practical knowledge that I wish I knew during my graduate school. Now make available for you in bite-size videos that you can quickly learn to help you excel at your scientific presentation and graduate faster with high-impact journal publications or scientific presentation at conferences.






Structure of a Great Scientific Presentation

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Factors of a Great Scientific Presentation

How to Make a Scientific Presentation

How to Present a Scientific Data Table

How to Present a Scientific Data Chart

How to Present a Life Cycle Flowchart

Requirement of a Graphical Abstract

How to Make Graphical Abstract

Factors of a Great Scientific Poster

How to Make a Great Scientific Poster