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Essential sales skills, techniques, sales strategies and theories to help you to sell anything to anyone!

What you will learn

You will learn how to grow your revenue, and your business

You will learn how to make more sales

You will learn how to overcome sales objections

You will learn how to close more sales

You will learn how to become a successful entrepreneur

You will learn crucial psychological methods to make more sales

You will come away with everything a sales professional needs to succeed!

You will learn how to find more customers, to keep them satisfied, and to make more money

About your instructor, Rob Spence


Every business needs sales to not just survive but also thrive.

In this sales training course, you will learn everything you need to improve your sales skills, in just a month’s time. The idea is, if you implement each lesson, or each module, in this course into your business and your professional life, you will see a vast improvement in your sales skills

This course has been designed for business owners, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals; if you need to improve your sales, this sales training course is for you! It also doesn’t matter what you sell; whether you sell products or services, or B2B or B2C, this course has been designed to give you all the skills and knowledge to improve your sales skills, and to better your sales ability.

Your instructor, Rob Spence, is an internationally renowned sales trainer, and sales coach, and has authored three books on sales. He is the Managing Director of a multi-award-winning sales and marketing agency that provides sales services to businesses across the globe. Rob’s unique, dynamic, and engaging teaching style is guaranteed to not only help you to succeed in the world of sales but is also delivered in a memorable and motivating fashion.

In this course, you will learn modules in:

– Prospecting, and how to find more customers

– How to sell on social media

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– How to overcome objections

– How to sell more over the telephone

– How to overcome a slump in sales

– How to overcome discounts

– How to close sales…

And much, much more!

If you are looking to see an improvement in your sales skills and to see your confidence in selling, and business development increase, this course is for you!



Welcome to this course!

What you will learn
About your instructor, Rob Spence
A Month to Improve Your Sales

Question Everything

Why should we question things?
Open and closed questions

The Gatekeeper

Who is the gatekeeper?
How to get the gatekeeper on side

Social Selling

What is social selling?
The different platforms
How to inject social selling into your sales process

The Main Objections

The five main types of objections

Sales call reluctance

What is sales call reluctance?
How to overcome sales call reluctance

Handling rejection

Why does rejection occur?
How to handle rejection

Public speaking

Why is public speaking important?
Top tips on public speaking

Everyone’s a customer

Everyone is a customer

Unbeatable telesales

Why are telesales still important?
Top tips on how to sell over the phone

What to do when sales are down

How to overcome a slump in sales

Don’t discount: Add value

Should we always discount to get a sale?
How to add value

Making the most out of networking

What is business networking?
Top business networking tips

Use Your Voice

How to use your voice as a powerful sales tool

The Bigger Picture

Taking a step back normally equals ten steps forward

The Need to Follow Up

Why should we follow up?
How do we follow up?

List Objections Early

Why working on your objections is crucial to sales success

What Are You Selling?

Understanding the difference between features and benefits

Captivate Your Audience

The AIDA prinicipal
How to keep your audience engaged

Handling Your Competition

Understanding your competition
How to handle the competition

Keep Prospecting

Why is prospecting so important?
How can we prospect for more sales?

Staying Healthy

Why is it important to stay healthy as a sale professional?
Top tips on staying healthy

Owning up to Mistakes

Why owning up to mistakes will get you more sales

Buying Signals

What are the most important buying signals to look out for?

Developing Rapport

Why is rapport so important in sales?
How to develop rapport in sales

The Test Close

What is a Test Close, and how to use it…

Understanding Your Sales Process

The basic sales process
How to set up your own sales process

Managing Expectations

Why managing expectations can help you to increase your sales

Hitting your Sales Targets

How to set, and hit, your sales targets

Don’t Close The Sale

Don’t close the sale until you consider of these three things

Closing The Sale

How to close more sales

Your Next Steps

What’s next for you?
Setting your own goals and targets