Master the SaaS Marketing Strategies, SaaS Business Concepts, SaaS Sales Funnel, SaaS Metrics, Best Practices & more!

What you will learn

Learn the fundamentals of SaaS business, what is it, how it works, why it is one of the top business model nowadays.

Learn why understanding SaaS marketing is crucial for every digital marketer.

Know the difference between traditional marketing and SaaS marketing and what it takes to stand out in a competitive SaaS market

Understand the concept of SaaS funnel, know the stages and the action items for each stage

Learn the important SaaS metrics that every SaaS marketer or SaaS salesperson should have good idea about

Know the strategies to create a great SaaS brand

Know what SaaS sales structure you need to have in order to create an efficient marketing strategy

Learn how to optimize your website, pricing page and free trials for maximum conversion

Get the strategies for driving traffic to your website

Learn how to provide an award winning customer relationship to your SaaS customers

Know the best practices for SaaS Marketing and what mistakes you should avoid



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SaaS Fundamentals

What is a SaaS Business?
Why Do We Need SaaS Marketing?
Why is SaaS Marketing Different From the Traditional One?
How to Stand Out in a Saturated Market?
Additional Resources #1: SaaS Marketing Masterclass – Slides

Understanding the SaaS Funnel

What is the SaaS Funnel?
Attract. Engage. Close. Delight

SaaS Marketing Strategies

How to Define Metrics for Your SaaS business?
How to Build Your SaaS Brand?
How to Structure Your SaaS Sales Process?
How to Optimize Your Website for Maximum Conversion?
How to Get Pricing & Free Trials Right?
How to Drive Traffic to Your Website?
How to Delight Your Customers with Outstanding Customer Service?
Additional Resources #2: SaaS Marketing Checklist


SaaS Marketing Best Practices You Must Follow
The Next Steps