RPA for Everyone
Introduction to RPA for anyone interested to start a career in RPA or apply it in their organization

What you will learn

What is Robotic Process Automation?


Why should I learn RPA?

Vendors of RPA.

What is the future of RPA?


this course is Introduction to RPA for anyone interested in starting a career in RPA or applying it in their organization

This all-encompassing course has been thoughtfully designed to cater to a wide-ranging audience, irrespective of their professional or academic backgrounds. Its overarching goal is to provide a holistic introduction to the intricate domain of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), ensuring that participants from various walks of life can acquire a comprehensive understanding of this transformative technology.

Throughout the course, participants will delve into the very essence of RPA, gaining invaluable insights into its diverse applications and discovering the most effective strategies for implementing automation processes.

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A pivotal component of this course is illuminating the distinctions between RPA, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Business Process Management (BPM). Additionally, the program offers an extensive survey of the present RPA tool landscape, complemented by engaging and informative demonstrations that empower participants with hands-on proficiency.

With this fundamental knowledge in hand, participants will be poised to embark on their RPA journey, confidently navigating the landscape of automation to enhance operational efficiency and productivity across a myriad of sectors and industries. So, let’s commence this educational odyssey, together unlocking the limitless potential of RPA, and setting the stage for transformative success.



RPA for Everyone

Introduction to RPA
RPA USeCases
RPA Vendors and Career
Sentiment Analysis using Automation Anywhere Demo
Invoice Processing using Microsoft Power Automate Demo