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Superior Lead Generation Strategy

What you will learn

How To Grow Your Business With Quality Leads and Clients

How To Create A Referral System That Works

Create A Referral System With The Right Information

Increase Your Profits With Minimum Efforts

How To Grow Your Business Quickly


This is a no-fluff actionable course on “How To Create A Successful Referral System”. I want to unpack for you the exact system that I’ve used to grow, one of my current businesses. I’m telling you now that it works. If you will take action and follow what you learn on this course if you would create the systems, the way that I will describe it for you in the next half an hour or so then you will be able to grow your business.

It doesn’t matter where your business is right now. You can almost double the size of your business, assuming you’re delivering good services right now.

Just implement what I’m going to show you.

Featured speakers: Boomy Tokan

I have helped my clients access Grant Funding for their community projects and I want to help you too!

It has always been my passion to encourage success-minded people like you to utilize your God-given abilities and gifts to benefit the world.

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My desire to help you overcome your perceived limitations led me to; answer

  • 700+ questions on Quora
  • Over 1 million views,
  • Created 25 startup courses,
  • Over 65,000 students on Udemy
  • Written 7 Business books; to foster your entrepreneurial dreams.

I enjoy running – completed over 150 – 5k parkruns; reading motivational books and Sherlock Holmes movies. As a Christian, I have read the Bible over 15 times; written 5 Christian books and raise Disciples around the world!

I know that through β€œEncouragement” you can achieve more!

I’ll see you on the inside.

Boomy Tokan – β€œThe Encourager”



Start Here

4 Reasons Why You Must Have A Referral System For Your Business
The 2 Types Of Referral Systems – The One You Need To Choose

How To Create Your Referral System

The Formular For A Referral System & The Incentive
The Formular Part 2

What Is Possible Using This System?

Level of Referrals and Referral In Action – Examples
What Actions Do You Need To Take?

What Next!

The Next Steps Oulined