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The Definitive Guide on How to Read The Akashic Records in Less Than 20 MIN

What you will learn

The Ultimate Sacred Access Prayer To Read And Access The Akashic Records Instantly

Easy-To-Follow Meditation Technique To Bring Balance And Peace Into Your Life

A 3-Step Formula To Energetically Heal Naturally And Empower Yourself And Others

Follow Your Light In Ways That You Would Have Never Imagined Before

Get Rid Of The Fear That Is Blocking Your Growth And Expansion Once And For All

Reach A Higher Place Of Understanding, Perspective, Love, And Compassion

Access A New Dimension Of Infinite Divine Universal Conciousness

Experience A Growing Sensation Of Peace, Light, Love and Wellbeing


Feel like you don’t find the answers you are looking for?

Are you having trouble following meditations?

Feel like you are not living to your full potential?

Sometimes we have questions like:

Where do I come from? Or

what am I to do in this situation? Or

why did this happened?

Well, I felt that way.

I had all the intentions to move forward, but I kept battling with myself and my own story.

It wasn’t ultil I learned how to read the akashic records that I discovered I beam of light that would illuminate my path on demand like nothing else.

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Suddenly I discovered a method to feel genuine peace, love and wisdom wherever I was.

Unlike any thing else I have experience before.

So, in this course, you will learn how to read the Akashic Records so that you find the answers to the questions you have about yourself, your life, and even past lives.

You will learn an easy-to-follow meditation technique that will help you find balance and peace.

You will learn the 3-Step formula to heal yourself and others so that you begin to live to your fullest potential.

After taking this course you will have the tools you need to overcome any blockages that you may have.

You will learn to use these tools to live a better happier life.

I have used these tools to do just that in my life.

So, get ready and join this course now.




Welcome to the Course





Easy to Follow Meditation

Easy to Follow Meditation Overview
The Meditation

Reading Your Own Akashic Records

The Ultimate Sacred Access Prayer
Reading Your Own Akashic Records

Reading the Akashic Records of Others

Best Questions to Ask Inside The Records
Reading the Akashic Records of Others

3-Step Formula to Energetically Heal

3-Step Healing Formula Overview
3-Step Healing Formula to Heal Yourself
3-Step Healing Formula to Heal Others

Troubleshooting and FAQs

Troubleshooting and FAQs
Guided Meditation
Exercise: Intuition vs The Akashic Records


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