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Unlock Efficient Tax Management: Mileage Tracking, Home Office Deductions, and Receipts Management with QuickBooks

What you will learn

Master Mileage Tracking: Learn to log miles for tax deductions and understand relevant laws.

Master Home Office Deductions: Learn to track home office expenses for tax benefits.

Efficient Receipt Management: Learn to capture, upload, and manage receipts in QuickBooks.

Optimize US Income Tax: Leverage QuickBooks to manage and optimize tax obligations.

Hands-on Experience: Get practical QuickBooks experience with real-world examples.

Understand US Tax Law: Gain an understanding of U.S. income tax law as it relates to automobile deductions & home office deductions


Welcome to “Mastering QuickBooks Online for US Income Tax Optimization” – your one-stop course for leveraging QuickBooks Online to efficiently manage and optimize your income tax obligations. Designed for freelancers, small business owners, and anyone seeking a robust understanding of QuickBooks Online in the context of U.S. income tax law, this comprehensive course offers practical insights and hands-on exercises to help you become proficient in using QuickBooks for your tax needs.

Key Learning Objectives:

1. Master Mileage Tracking Tool: QuickBooks Online’s Mileage Tracking tool can significantly simplify your automobile-related tax deductions. We’ll break down the process of logging and categorizing miles, while also explaining the intricacies of tax law related to automobile deductions. This practical understanding can be crucial for maximizing your automobile deductions and ensuring tax compliance.

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2. Explore Home Office Deductions: Learn how to accurately track home office expenses for income tax deductions. The course includes a comparison of different methods, along with a comprehensive review of the relevant tax laws. By the end of this section, you’ll be able to select and implement the most beneficial method for your specific situation.

3. Track and Upload Receipts: Discover how to capture, upload, and manage your receipts in QuickBooks Online. We’ll also demonstrate how to use these receipts to record transactions or attach them to existing transactions. This module will significantly enhance your record-keeping skills, making tax season less daunting.




1010 Access Software to Practice With – Options
1020 New Company Test File – Free 30 Trial

Mileage Tracking & Automobile Deduction Tax Law

3010 Mileage Tracking for Taxes Overview
3020 Taxes – Business Car & Truck Expenses Deduction
3030 Car, Truck, Auto Expense Tracking for Taxes
3040 Milage Tracking – Enter Vehicles, Favorite Locations, Trips, & Run Reports
3050 Milage Tracking – Reports by Month Using Excel & Adjusting Entry
3060 Milage Tracking – Reports by Month Using Excel & Adjusting Entry

Home Office Expense Tracking Methods & Tax Law

3070 Tax Tracking for Home Office
3080 Tax Law Business Use of Your Home
3090 Home Office Expense Tracking Method One – Adjusting Entry
3100 Home Office Expense Tracking Method Two – Tax Adjusting Class With Bank Fee
3110 Home Office Expense Tracking Method Three – Track Business & Personal Expen
3120 Home Office Expense Tracking Method 4 – Track Business & Personal Using Dra

Receipts – Upload, Track, and Attach to Transactions

3200 Track, Approve, Upload, & Attach Receipts – Overview
3210 Create and Upload Receipts & Bank Feed Data
3220 Match Receipts to Bank Feeds & Bank Feed to Receipts
3230 Receipts Used to Reimburse Worker our Owner Paid Expenses
3240 Receipts – Set Up Forward E-mail