Qlik sense:  QLIQUID TABLE
Full course for Qlik Sense extension QLIQUID TABLE

What you will learn

Build finance reports in Qlik Sense

Create nice tables in Qlik Sense

Prepare finance indicators in Qlik Sense

Impove user satisfaction


Hello! I am Nikita Potapov , I am certified QlikView and Qlik Sense architector with a 9 years experience. I’m super excited to indroduce to you new Qlik sense course.

QLIQUID TABLE is the Qlik sense extensions which allow you to create complex tables like P&L, Balance sheet and others for your sophisticated needs. It’s flexible for users and developers. Compete in analytics with QLIQUID TABLE.

In QLIQUID TABLE course you will learn everything about this extension for Qlik Sense:

1. Create list of dimensions and measures and groups. Apply styles depending on the values.

2. How to apply styles to the table from rows to columns.

3. Use settings menu

4. Extra features like fast expand, insight mode, limits and others.

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I recommend that cource for developers and consultant:

1.  Work a lot with tables in Qlik Sense

2. When users are not satisfied with default Qlik Sense tables

3. You are searching for new ways of visualizations.

You need to have Qlik Sense Desktop, Qlik Sense Entreprise or Qlik Cloud installed. In the course I use  Qlik Sense Desktop, but you can use it in any system even in QlikView.

I am super excited to see you on the course.




How to install
Rows and columns
Row styles
Header, columns,sizing
Insight menu, excel export