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Use Netmiko and Napalm Libraries for Python 3 to build Network automated tasks for Huawei devices

What you will learn

How to install python3.6 on Ubuntu linux

How to install different network libraries for python 3.6 such as Netmiko and Napalm

How to use python3 network libraries for Huawei Routers

Build automated network tasks such as collecting information about Huawei Routers


Network programming and automation is one of the current top trending network topics for building large automated networks that can scale and react easily to network changes. All daily network manual tasks should be converted into automated tasks to save time, increase productivity, and minimise human mistakes specially when it comes to large networks like Telecom Operator Networks. Python programming language is commonly and widely used for network engineers because of its simplicity and its rich network modules. Because Huawei is widely used in Telecom operators networks all over the world, it would be important to discuss automation tools Huawei devices.

Python Network Programming for Huawei devices course introduces how to install python 3 on Ubuntu linux with getting rid of python 2 when the terminal comes by default with python 2, and how to install network libraries (like Netmiko and Napalm) to connect with Huawei Routers like a robot (on behalf of a network engineer) that can automatically collect information and configure the routers with the usage of python scripts. The course is explained through practical exercises on EVE-NG and ubuntu Linux desktop.

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Upon completing this course, you will be familiar with python 3 and network modules and build automated scripts to collect information about Huawei router with Netmiko library, and use napalm different libraries to collect information such as โ€˜display ip interface briefโ€™ or โ€˜display versionโ€™, build automated script to check ip connectivity to a certain IP address with ping module and get the result, make automated configuration changes like configuring OSPF on Huawei Routers with the usage of both Netmiko and Napalm modules to know the difference between them.




Course Introduction

Python Netmiko Library

Install Python3 and Netmiko for Ubuntu
Get Huawei Router Interfaces with Netmiko Script

Python Napalm Library

Get Facts API – Napalm
Get Interfaces IP API – Napalm
Automate OSPF Configuration – Napalm vs. Netmiko
Ping API – Napalm