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Learn to build web applications using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, jQuery, Python 3, and Django!

What you will learn

Create Fully Functional Websites Using Django 4

Learn Full Stack Web Development

Fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and Javascript

Python Programming

Core Concepts Of Web Development

Good Programming Practices & Paradigms


Welcome to The Complete Django Web Development Course. The most comprehensive Django course available online. Covering all the fundamental concepts regarding Django development, using the latest Django 4.0 version.

I’ve built this course over months, perfecting the curriculum to ensure that you come out of this course as a fully-fledged Django developer. I’ll take you from scratch and make you into a skilled Django developer with a strong knowledge of building full-stack web applications.

This course will teach Django & Python from scratch, NO prior knowledge of either of the two is required! And you certainly don’t need any advanced web development experience. As long as you understand the fundamental concepts of HTML, CSS, and Javascript this course will teach you everything else.

You’ll learn Django not only in theory but we’ll build a complex, real-world, feature-rich web application throughout this course. The project known as AutoMax will include all features of a modern web application.


I’ll take you step-by-step through engaging and fun video tutorials and teach you everything you need to know to succeed as a Django developer.

The course includes 17+ hours of HD video tutorials and builds your programming knowledge while making a real world web application.

By the end of this course, you will be fluent in Python programming and be ready to build your own Django apps and become a full stack Django developer.

You’ll also have a feature-rich application built by the end of this course that you can show off to any potential employer.

By the end of this course, you’ll have mastered the skills of developing high-performance, feature-rich, and engaging web apps using Django.

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I know that you’re here because you value your time. If you wanted to watch someone program for hours and hours without explaining what they’re doing, you’d be on YouTube.

By getting this course, you can be rest assured that the course is carefully thought out and edited. There are beautiful animations that explain all the difficult concepts and I’m always on hand to answer student questions.

  • Fundamental Django Concepts:
    • Models
    • Views
    • ORM
    • Middleware
    • Signals
    • Mail System
    • Cookies
    • Storage
    • Forms
    • Static Assets
    • Templates
    • Security
    • Sessions
    • and much more.
  • Fundamental Python Concepts:
    • Variables
    • Conditional Statements
    • Control Flow
    • Tuples
    • Lists
    • Dictionaries
    • Functions
    • Classes
    • Error Handling
    • and much more.
  • Detailed Setup Instructions: For both MacOS and Windows.
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Software Design: How to organize and format code for readability and how to implement the Model Β­ViewΒ­ Controller (MVC) design pattern.
  • Debugging & Testing
  • Deployment To Production


– Deep, Fine-Grained Learning – This course is jam-packed with information. I made the course that I most wanted to take and as a result, I didn’t skimp on the details. You’re going to cover more topics and material in greater depth than ever before.

– 100% Real-World Practice – My goal is to get you writing code as much as possible. And not just any code–we’ll be working exclusively on practical tasks that are instrumental in building your own amazing real-world apps.

– No-Nonsense, Spot-On Explanations – Every lesson is to the point. I break down what we’re making, how we’ll be doing it, and what the final product will look like, all on top of helpful and illustrative descriptions to aid your understanding along the way.

I really enjoyed making this course and I think you’ll enjoy taking it just as much.

Looking forward to seeing you taking this course!




Django Application Overview
Important Resources
Course Prerequisites
Overview Of Web Development
The Web & HTTP Protocol
Django Introduction
(Optional) Introduction To HTML
(Optional) Introduction To CSS
(Optional) Introduction Javascript

Python Crash Course

Python Introduction
Python Syntax
Python Variables
Python Strings
Python Numbers
Python Boolean
Python Lists
Python Tuples & Sets
Python Dictionaries
Python If…Else
Python For Loop
Python While Loop
Python Functions
Python Classes
Python Inheritance
Python Error Handling

Getting Started

Installing Python MacOS
Creating Python Virtual Enviroment
Setting up Visual Studio Code
Create Django Project
Django manage.py File
Django Project Structure
Introduction Django Admin Panel

Django Basics

Intorduction Django Apps
Working With Django Views
Django Templating
Expanding main.html Template File
Loading Static Assets Django
Extending Templates & Template Blocks
Finishing Main Page HTML

Django Authentication

Create Users Django App
Creating Profile Model
Django Admin Register Model
Working With Django Signals
Adding Location Data To Profile
Automate Location Model Creation
Working With Media Files Django
Adding Login View
Forms In Django – Part 1
Forms In Django – Part 2
Logging User Into Django App
Working With Django Messages
Creating Register View
Django Class Based Views
Implementing Registration Logic
Fixing Minor Bugs

Intermediate Django Concepts #1

Implementing Header & Logout Features
UUID Fields & ForeignKey Relationships
Listing Model
Adding Listing Data
Adding Section Header HomePage
Include Django Templates
Creating List View
Django Custom Forms
Django Handling Form Data
Django Filters

Intermediate Django Concepts #2

Django URL Parameters
Read Only Fields Django Admin
Challenge Video
URL Parameters Django Templates
Displaying Additional Listing Data
Decorate Class Based Views
Displaying Data Within Forms
Saving Data Profile Page
Django Filter Model QuerySet
Adding Edit Page
Adding Edit Page Functionality

Advanced Django Concepts

Custom Form Widgets
Create LikedListing Model
Show Liked Listings
Django Shortcuts & JSON Response
Django Asynchronous Operation – Part 1
Django Asynchronous Operation – Part 2
Django Enviroment Variables
Configuring Email Service Django
Send Email In Django

Deploying Django App To Production

Connecting Django To PostgresSQL Database
Connecting Storage Bucket To Django
Django App Deployment Modes
Django Static File Serving
Gunicorn Production Server
Deploy Django App To Heroku
(Optional) Fixing Static Files Issue
Verifying App Functionality
Fixing Bugs