authentication with PSD2 , whitelisting , chargeback and behavior of different card types

What you will learn

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ECI7 in PSD2

Chargebacks and Liability Shift with PSD2

Whitelisting (Trusted Beneficiary Exemption) in PSD2

Behavior of different Card Types in PSD2

Comparison of different scenarios why a particular card type asked for OTP and the other did not

How to protect your business from getting blacklisted


This course will contain extensive knowledge about PSd2, whitelisting in PSD2, the technical terminologies and how different card type behave in PSD2. How to save the business from getting blacklisted, how does liability shift happens in various scenarios in PSD2. You will also learn with examples why one card asks for OTPs and the other did not. This course is intended for Manager, students, learner, developers, testers, software engineers, merchants, customers and any public who are interested in learning about security of online payments and ecommerce behind the scenes for credit card payments. You will learn what whitelisting is and how it works in PSD2 . Why it is called Trusted beneficiary exemption and how your can do it. Is this managed by the customers, card providers or by merchants. What happens in different scenarios if a dispute happens and who is liable to pay for the charges. You will learn what is the difference between chargeback and refund. How the two terns are different and how you should protect your business by having low chargebacks. How multiple chargebacks can lead to blacklisting of the business and how to protect the business for getting blacklisted and many . We will be learning all these scenarios keeping in mind the PSD2 payment and the authentication and authorization of the card payments under PSD2 compliance which was a mandate .How this mandate is different in different scenarios and what are the exceptions when we do not follow this mandate.

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ECI 7 in PSD2
Chargeback and Liability shift with PSD2
Whitelisting (Trusted Beneficiary Exemption) in PSD2
Behavior of different Card Types in PSD2
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