Learn the Four Basic Mathematical Operations, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division Practically with Models

What you will learn

understand how the decimal number system is organized

Understand the Process of the four main mathematical operations

Use Practical Models to do Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction

Use the Practical Knowledge gained in this course in the rest of Your Mathematics Journey

Why take this course?

🧮 **Master Prealgebra with Confidence – Prealgebra: Basic Operations on Whole Numbers** 🎓—

### **Your Journey to Mathematical Mastery Begins Here!**

Welcome to the **”Prealgebra: Basic Operations on Whole Numbers”** course, where you’ll embark on an engaging and practical learning adventure into the world of numbers. This course is meticulously designed for learners who are eager to grasp a strong foundation in one of the most fundamental aspects of mathematics – **the four basic operations**: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division.

📑 **Course Overview:**
In this comprehensive course, you will:

– **Understand Whole Numbers:** Gain a clear grasp of what whole numbers are and how they form the basis of our number system.

– **Explore the Decimal Number System:** Learn about place value and how it simplifies the representation of whole numbers in a base-10 system.

– **Master Basic Operations through Practical Models:** Dive into each operation with hands-on, easy-to-understand models that demonstrate what happens when you perform these operations practically.

– **Practice Makes Perfect:** Engage with numerous practical examples and exercises that reinforce your learning and help you apply the concepts in real-world situations.

### **Why This Course?**

– **Visual Learning Tools:** Our course utilizes vibrant visuals and interactive models to ensure you can see, understand, and apply the concepts.

– **Step-by-Step Guidance:** Each step of the learning process is broken down into simple, digestible pieces that are easy to follow and master.

– **Real-World Applications:** Learn how these operations are not just theoretical but are essential tools for everyday life and problem-solving.

### **What You Will Learn:**

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✅ **Whole Numbers:** Identify, compare, and manipulate whole numbers with confidence.

✅ **The Decimal Number System:** Understand the significance of place value and how it affects calculations.

✅ **Addition & Subtraction with Models:** Discover how to visually represent and solve addition and subtraction problems using practical models.

✅ **Multiplication & Division with Models:** Learn to model and understand multiplication and division in a way that makes sense, both conceptually and practically.

### **Your Next Steps:**

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– **Join a Community of Learners:** Engage with fellow students and discuss concepts, solve problems, and encourage each other in our interactive community forums.

– **Progress to Advanced Mathematics:** As you master these foundational skills, continue your journey through our course series all the way up to Calculus!

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