Learn how Jesus prayed and taught the world to pray and the Catholic teaching on intersession of Mary and the saints

What you will learn

Understand how Jesus prayed

have a deeper understanding of the Lord’s Prayer

Understand the role of Mary in the Catholic church and see her as and example

Understaning of how the life fo the Saints can be incorported in our own life through prayer and action.

Why take this course?

This course will give a Catholic insight on how to incorporate Jesus, Mary and the Saints into your prayer life.

By looking at how Jesus prayed, lived and taught his followers to pray we can use his example our prayer life to become closer to Jesus. By looking at his life and the prayers that he gave us we can come to a fuller understanding of Him.

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Mary was a pivotal figure in the Bible and in the Catholic tradition. Through her intercession we are able to build a better prayer life for ourselves. A devotion to Mary increases our devotion to Jesus and helps build our faith.

The Saints give us an example both of prayer and action through look more closely at their example we are able to add to our prayer repository and have more resources in deepening our prayer life.

This course delves into this topics as a way to grow closer to God in our everyday life.