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Master yourself in NoSQL Database MongoDB with Hands-on Practical Examples. PHP & MongoDB practical projects.

What you will learn

Feel flexbile to work with MongoDB, Perform Basic and Advanced queries in MongoDB

Build real life application using MongoDB and PHP

Understand how MongoDB stores data

Learn Basics of PHP


=== Students’ reviews’ regarding this course ===

“In-depth explanations, good examples, knowledgeable instructor!” — Gordon Stanley

“Really very good course to start learning Mongodb.” — Saifaldeen

“Simply awesome. The instructor is explaining every line of code that he is typing it on the console and explains straight to the point. I got to learn many new things in this course as a beginner.” — Saurabh Mirajkar

“Great course. Loved the style of the instructor and the way things are presented. Cheers” — Joey Smith

“This is a good course for someone who has worked with json objects and php before, the examples are easy to understand. I´m really enjoying this course” — Jezer Eduardo Martínez

“So very clear and concise… we learn to build and the instructor is taking us through the major steps to build something” — Robin McManus

MongoDB is one of the most powerful NoSQL database in the current world. By completion of this course, you will be able understand the concepts of MongoDB and get working experience on MongoDB. This course gives you hands on and practical experience on MongoDB queries; both basic queries and advanced queries. How to install Also you complete a basic project with PHP and MongoDB.

Learning NoSQL (here for example, MongoDB) is one of the fastest ways to improve your career. Hope this course will be used as a helping hand for your prospective career. Please dig on free preview videos for more information.

Along with MongoDB, you will learn PHP Basics and Advanced. Practical work with Git, JSON and XML.




Introduction + Installation

What you will learn from this course?

Introduction to MongoDB

MongoDB Installation

MongoDB Basics Queries

Basic Queries: Part 1

Basic Queries: Part 2

MongoDB Advanced Queries

Advanced Queries: Part 1

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Advanced Queries: Part 2

MongoDB Projects with PHP

PHP + MongoDB: Basic Project # Part 1

PHP + MongoDB: Basic Project # Part 2

Advanced MongoDB Projects with PHP

PHP + MongoDB Advanced Project # Part 1

PHP + MongoDB Advanced Project # Part 2

PHP + MongoDB Advanced Project # Part 3

PHP + MongoDB Advanced Project # Part 4

PHP + MongoDB Advanced Project # Part 5

PHP + MongoDB Advanced Project # Part 6

PHP + MongoDB Advanced Project # Part 7

PHP + MongoDB Advanced Project # Part 8

Bonus Section: PHP Basics + Advanced

PHP Basics

PHP advanced: Part 1

PHP Advanced: Part 2

PHP Advanced: Part 3

PHP Advanced: Part 4

PHP Advanced: Part 5

Working with Git

Working with Git: part 1

Working with Git: part 2