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All secrets reveled

What you will learn

practical ways to promote affiliate (clickbank) products with free and paid traffic.

Web Hosting and WordPress Website Design for Affiliate Marketing

Market research and Competitor Analysis

Search Engine Optimization (on page optimization and backlink creation techniques)

Email Marketing and Automation

Pre sale page Design Using Clickfunnel

Solo Ads and many more bonus lectures


Anyone can make their living and beyond with affiliate marketing if applied right strategy. This course is just designed to provide with all the tools and techniques that you need to be successful in affiliate marketing. In this comprehensive 17-hour course I will cover all the topics that affiliate marketer use to generate 6 figure income.

What makes this course unique?

This is complete and comprehensive course that focuses on practical examples and hands on actual tools and traffic source for promoting your affiliate products.

This course teaches you to get started with free traffic source and I will teach you everything about keyword research, content writing and SEO with special focus on promotion of affiliate products. Besides I will also teach you to get stated with free traffic source like YouTube and Quora to promote your clickbank products. So you will not only learn about affiliate marketing but also blogging in general.

And if you have the budget, I will show you what are the available options for you to get started with paid traffic. I will not only cover what you need to do but also provide you with all the resources to get started.

So many people get an affiliate link, try promoting it on Facebook and other social media sites, but make no money. This is because other courses will teach you only how to boost your Facebook ad without providing concrete details about what actually makes your Facebook ad work. In this course you will get guided steps from opening your Facebook business manager to how to avoid the Facebook ad shut downs. I have covered everything I have learned in my 5 years of promoting affiliate products and I know what actually makes profit making Facebook ad. ( Just check the sample video where I will show you how much I spent on Facebook ad to get the result)

This is less power point presentation and more hands-on project type course so you will get to see me doing the actual work rather than sliding through power point presentation.

IN This Course You Will Learn Following major topics:

Clickbank Marketplace overview: In this section you will be familiarized with clickbank marketplace and I will teach you what type of products you should choose to promote.

Website Setup: In this section I will teach you How to setup your website with wordpress and how to collect emails in your website.

Clickbank Product Market Research: In this section I will show you how craft content to promote clickbank products and I will also show you how you can reverse engineer the method applied by fellow affiliates to generate regular passive income.

Search Engine Optimization: Crafting quality content to promote you affiliate product is not enough if nobody sees it. In this section I will show you proven method to optimize your content to rank on the google search engine.

Email Marketing: In this part of this course, you will learn about email marketing fundamentals and how to automate your campaign with email marketing.

squeeze page and Funnel design: In this section you will learn how to design your custom squeeze page to land your visitors through your Facebook advertising or email marketing. You will learn to make quiz landing pages and email collection pages in this section.

Tracking Your Conversion: In affiliate marketing data plays crucial role when you are investing in traffic source. Getting to know which traffic source has generated you maximum return helps you to utilize your time and investment in the right source that can generate you sales. In this section I will teach you how you can get started with clickmagick to start tracking your conversion.

Solo Ads: For starters who do not have email list of targeted buyers and do not have enough amount to run facebook ads, solo ads can be alternative to collect leads and generate sales of high value products. In this section I will teach you how you can get started with solo ads and what things you should consider before buying solo ads.

Facebook Ads: If you are really looking to get some serious result with some investment I highly recommend you to watch this section carefully before advertising any affiliate product in facebook. This is in depth 6 hours 9 minutes in depth tutorial about facebook ads strategy to run clickbank products. In this section I will teach you step by step things you should consider while running facebook ads so that you can get success with this platform. If done right this can be working model for you to make thousands of dollars with clickbank.


My journey began in 2013 when I was a college and struggling to pay my college fees. that was the time when I realized that I should work online to make living out of it. I started my first business as freelance a web designer and developer.

Soon I shifted my interest in digital marketing which became path to my financial freedom.

Soon I turned from student who was not able to pay his college fees to making five figure a year with online marketing.

As of today, I have created over 20 blogs on different niche that generate me over 20k $ a month.

Today I specialize in web content creation, SEO, Google adwords, social media marketing and email marketing.

I personally believe that success do not come overnight and you should be dedicated to invest time to learn with your mistakes.

I share my own part of failure on the way and it was the dedication and love towards digital marketing that has brought me success.



* Free 50+ ads images and videos for promoting high converting clickbank products with Facebook ad.

* Free sample of ad copy that has generated me thousands of dollars.

* Free HTML Landing pages template.

* Free Clickfunnel Landing Pages Template.


This affiliate marketing course comes with an unconditional, Udemy-backed, 30-day money-back guarantee. This is not just a guarantee, it’s my personal promise to you that I will go out of my way to help you succeed in affiliate marketing just like I’ve done for thousands of my other students.

Invest in your future. Enroll now.

Who this course is for:

  • If you want to be your own boss, start a business and reach great potential, this is the perfect place to start
  • People who want to earn with affiliate marketing
  • People who want to learn about promoting affiliate products with their website.
  • People who want to learn about email marketing, sales tracking, funnel design and facebook marketing




Clickbank Marketplace Overview


Clickbank Marketplace Overview

Opening Your First Clickbank Account

getting started with clickbank marketplace overview

clickbank marketplace overview part 2; browsing through different niche

what different stats mean in clickbank

clickbank affiliate program product example 1 make money online niche

high converting cb affiliate product example 2 (health and fitness niche)

clickbank product example 3. Red Tea Detox.(health niche)

high converting clickbank product example 4 (singing niche).

module 2 website setup

website introduction and choosing right domain

website setup with hostgator

essential plugins installation

astra theme installation on your website

Creating your first blogpost

Creating category of your post

creating website menu

creation affiliate disclosure page

introduction to widgets

Bonus: how to collect email in your website part

thriveleads shortcode and collecting emails through blogspot

WordPress user profile customization

module 3: Clickbank products Market research

Examples of what we are trying to create

Keyword Tools I recommend to Use

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3.3 Getting Started With Clickbank Method

Finding Keyword TO Write Content

how to leverage keyword ideas from best and free keyword research tool

How to do competitor analysis and reverse engineer their methods

creating your review article

creating how to article for clickbank products

ranking your article with 1 vs 1 review method

Search Engine optimization

Introduction to seo

webpage speed

content relevance ranking method

onpage seo optimization

outbound links and interlinks

backlinks introduction

method 1: blog comment

method 2: quora link building method

social signals

backlink stage 2 introduction

Guest Posting Method

Important: Anchor Text

Bonus Section 1: Email Marketing

introduction to email marketing

Adding custom Email Address To Getresponse Account

Creating List In Getresponse

creating simple newsletter

email marketing automation

Bonus Section 2: clickfunnels

clickfunnels intro 1 opening your first clickfunnel account

building squeeze page with clickfunnel (hip flexors landing page)

clickfunnel email api integration

building email optin page with clickfunnel

building clickfunnel thank you page

clickfunnel split testing

building a real automation campaign to promote high converting cb product

Bonus Section 3: Tracking your conversions with clickmagick

introduction to clickmagick

setting up your clickmagick tracking link

updating the tracking link

updating welcome message link

testing your funnel with clickmagick

resetting the stats in clickmagick

Bonus Section 4: Solo Ads

solo ads introduction

How To Write Solo Ads Swipe

How to Look Up For Good Solo Ads Seller

How To Buy Your First Solo Ad

How To Check Your Stats In Udimi

Facebook Ads

Getting Started with paid ads

Setting up Facebook Business Manager And Facebook Page

Understanding The Ad Metrices

What Actually Makes A Million Dollar Facebook Ad

Warmings Up Your Ad Accounts

How to Outsource Facebook Ad Creatives

Different type Of Landing Pages

Setting up Your HTML Lander Page

setting up volumn for tracking

Setting up custom Facebook pixel

survival niche (Water Freedom) complete campaign setup from scratch

Setting Up Your First adset

Setting Up Your First Facebook Ad

creating custom look alike audiences

scaling your Facebook ads part 1

Scaling Your Ads Part 2

Let’s Look inside a successful campaign

How to spy on other’s ads.

Dealing with Facebook ad account shut down

How To Approach The Product Vendors In The Right Way