Understand the thought-process, workflow & the techniques used for car photography today

What you will learn

Advance your post processing editing skills

Removing & cloning out elements in adobe photoshop

Camera RAW Magic

The power of Masking

How CPL Filters work

Dodging & Burning the car in Adobe Photoshop

Make your subject pop-out


This course is split into 12 videos that will shed some light on how to professionally edit & retouch car photos in Adobe photoshop.

It’s been nearly a year since I have launched my first car photography class on Udemy & now I am back with more tools of the trade, I have refined my workflow & became better at car photography, its now time to share the knowledge with you.

Ever wondered how automotive photographers get sharp detailed photos?

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  • Want to improve your photoshop skills for car photography?
  • Want to understand my automotive and car retouching workflow?
  • Want to have a clean & a professional looking image?
  • ————————— ” Then this course is for you ” ——————————-

What you will learn:

  • Aligning layers & Determining the Base Layer
  • Selectively mask in details
  • Fix issues that wasn’t noticed during the shoot
  • Cleaning up the photo ( Healing brush tool & the Clone stamp Tool)
  • How to use Camera RAW Magic
  • How is the pen tool used for car photography
  • Sharpening your Photos
  • Make your subject stand & pop out
  • New dodging & burning technique

A prior knowledge to using basic tools in photoshop is required, I will be supplying additional resources as required.




Download the RAW Files
How was it shot

Post Processing in Photoshop

Aligning & Determining the base shot in Photoshop
Using the Pen Tool
Masks & Guide Layers
Mask Away!
Fixing the windows
Lets clean the surrounding
Camera RAW Magic

Finalising the Photo

Dodging & Burning to bring the details out
Tip: Make it POP
Examining in lightroom & Final words


Audi RS5 Shot Intro
Audi RS5 – How it was shot
Lightroom Adjustments
Photoshop – Aligning & Cleaning up
Photoshop – Masking the details
Camera RAW Magic
Enhance The Environment
Final Touches & Wrap Up