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NDDS, TDDS, CDDS, GRDDS, Diffusion and Dissolution Controlled, Factors Influencer, Mechanisms, New Technology in Pharma

What you will learn

Course overview Introduction

Advantages of NDDS

Factors affecting NDDS

Types of NDDS/Classification of NDDS

Concept of Controlled Drug Delivery system

Concept of Diffusion Dissolution

Concept of Ion Exchange resin

Concepts of Gastro retentive Technologies

Concept of Transdermal Delivery system


Now day’s Recent advances in the understanding of pharmacokinetic & pharmacodynamic behaviour of drug have offer a more rational approach to the development of optimal drug delivery system.

Drug can show its therapeutic effect only if it is delivered at a target site at a particular rate and concentration. Most effective drugs are rendered useless due to the difficulties in delivering them to their target. That is why various types of dosage forms serve many purposes including facilitating drug administration and improving drug delivery. However, traditional or conventional drug delivery systems seem to lag a bit when it comes to modern medication.

We are developing new kinds of drugs and discoveries are still going on! We need new delivery systems to give justice to those drugs. This is where novel drug delivery comes into the picture. We need novel drug delivery systems in many aspects of medication.

Need for Novel drug delivery system

The traditional drug delivery system fails to provide the following:

  • The proper drug absorption does not heppen because of various physiochemical barriers.
  • The drug gets non-specifically distributed which contributes to its side effects by affecting non-target cells.
  • The drug many times becomes vulnerable to metabolizing and excretary organs leading to losses.
  • Due to all these reasons, the drug does not match the required concentration in the target.

Novel drug delivery can eliminate these flaws.

Traditional dosage forms have complex dosing schedules. As a result, many people mistakenly take the wrong medication and get into some other trouble.

With the advancements in biotechnology and molecular biology, we have various biopharmaceuticals available such as peptides, proteins, antisense oligonucleotides, siRNA, etc. But these compounds are very difficult to deliver by traditional delivery systems due to their large molecular size, water solubility, and instability.

Therapeutic benefits of Novel drug delivery system:

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  • Make medication more user-friendly
  • Improved results
  • Reduced side effects
  • Avoidance of costly healthcare services
  • Tweaking the duration of action of drugs
  • Decrease in dosing frequency
  • We can decide where the drug would be released
  • Constant drug levels maintenance
  • Reducing the number of emergency visits

Economic benefits of Novel drug delivery system:

  • Simple administration of regimen
  • Overall reduction in the healthcare cost


Introduction, terminology/definitions and rationale, advantages, disadvantages, selection of drug candidates.

Approaches to design controlled release formulations based on diffusion, dissolution and ion exchange principles.

Physicochemical and biological properties of drugs relevant to controlled release formulations

Scope: This Course is designed to impart basic knowledge on the area of novel drug delivery systems.

Contents of course:

  • Course overview Introduction
  • Advantages of NDDS
  • Factors affecting NDDS
  • Types of NDDS/Classification of NDDS
  • Controlled Drug Delivery system
  • Diffusion Dissolution
  • Ion Exchange resin
  • Gastro retentive
  • Transdermal Delivery system

Eligibility: Pharmacy Students, Any lifescience graduates, Doctors, Physicians, Researchers, Investors etc..

Benefits of course:

  1. Upon completion of the course student shall be able To understand various approaches for development of novel drug delivery systems.
  2. To understand the criteria for selection of drugs and polymers for the development of Novel drug delivery systems, their formulation and evaluation The need, concept, design and evaluation of various customized, sustained and controlled release dosage forms.
  3. To formulate and evaluate various novel drug delivery systems
  4. Lifetime course access and study material
  5. Certificate of completion



Introduction and Overview
Oral Controlled Drug Delivery System-Plasma Drug Concentration Vs Time Profile
Challanges, Advantages & Disadvantages of CDDS
Factors influencing CDDS
Classification of CDDS

Types of Novel Drug Delivery system

Diffusion and Dissolution Controlled Drug Delivery System
Ion-Exchange Resin Controlled Drug Delivery System
Gastro Retentive Drug Delivery System (GDDS)
Transdermal Drug Delivery System (TDDS)

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