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Grow your Personal brand and Organization using LInkedIn for posts ,profile, banners, strategies and USP

What you will learn

Personal branding to create an impact

Networking strategies on LinkedIn. To leverage the network and use for creating business leads.

LinkedIn Profile creation. Creating an impactful profile which identifies your niche and communicates it.

LinkedIn Banner creation

How to use Hashtags

Content strategies


Being present on LinkedIn is not a choice anymore.

From a job seeking platform LinkedIn has become a Networking Platform.

It gives you a beautiful opportunity to follow people, Companies your role models.

LinkedIn has also become a go to for the latest news and Trends.

Whether you have your own company or work for someone Personal Branding is very important.

The connections are always to people and not just some Brands who no one heard about.

Their stories made them popular.

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This Course gives an Opportunity to write your own story.

Create a LinkedIn Profile which is important and meaningful.

Create a Banner which speaks for you.

Create a video in you cover for people to know who you are and what drives you.

Learning the use and importance of hashtags can create a positioning for you.

All Artificial Intelligence is going to depend on content and on words and your content can be a key to your success.

Being inclusive can give you a competitive advantage . Check the video and write up to understand the importance of Alt Text.

After creating consistent content you need to schedule and distribute in a proper manner.

There are resources here shared on how to do be visible though not present on LinkedIn.

Everything need not be serious there can be some fun element too.

Enjoy the process and let me know how May I help you?



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