Generate more income from fewer clients | Implement Pay Per Call For Your Digital Marketing Agency in 2022

What you will learn

Lead Generation- How to generate LIVE phone call leads for your clients. No more focusing on “website optimization” or generating clicks to a website that may not convert. You will learn how to bring your client a live call from someone who needs your clients services right away.

Digital Marketing- Step by STEP how to create a pay per call digital marketing agency.

B2B Sales-How to prospect and contact potential clients for your agency without cold calling

How to generate leads for your clients as well as how to filter, and determine which phone calls count as leads.

How to generate leads without needing a strong social media presence.

How to create Google Call Ads step by step

Become a Digital Nomad

Why take this course?

πŸš€ **Course Title:** Pay-Per-Call Mastery: Step by Step TrainingπŸŽ“ **Course Headline:** Generate More Income from Fewer Clients | Implement Pay Per Call For Your Digital Marketing Agency in 2022

πŸ“ˆ **Why You Need This Course:**

Are you tired of the traditional monthly retainer model for your digital marketing agency? I was too. That’s when I discovered the power of pay per call, a model that not only overcame client objections but also increased my income and allowed me to get paid weekly for my results. If you’re an agency owner or marketer looking to scale your business without the hassle of monthly retainers, this course is your golden ticket.

πŸš€ **Course Description:**

Are you struggling to acquire clients and scale your business due to limited budgets, social media presence, or time? Perhaps you’re an introvert who’s not keen on cold calling, or maybe you’ve tried other courses that left you more confused than before. If any of this rings true, the Pay Per Call model might just be the solution you’ve been searching for.

This course is designed for those who want to:

– Avoid the initial client objections by offering a performance-based payment structure.
– Get paid on a weekly basis for each result or call generated, rather than waiting on monthly payments.
– Attract clients without needing a large social media following or a hefty advertising budget.
– Become a lead generation expert for a niche market.
– Master digital marketing strategies that deliver results without the need to build up a social media presence.

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πŸ” **What You’ll Learn:**

In this comprehensive course, you’ll discover the benefits of pay per call over traditional retainer models and how to:

1. **Acquire Pay Per Lead Clients** – Learn the strategies to find and attract clients who are willing to pay for results.
2. **Invoice Your Clients Correctly** – Understand how to set up transparent and effective invoicing systems.
3. **Set Up Google Call Ads** – Get step-by-step guidance on creating and managing call ads for your clients.
4. **Cold Email & Voice Messaging Templates** – Receive proven templates to help you reach out to potential clients effectively.
5. **Client Evaluation & Follow-Up** – Learn what to look for in a potential client and when to follow up to maximize your chances of winning them over.

πŸ’Έ **Earnings Potential:**

The beauty of the pay per call model is that you set the price based on the value you bring to your clients. It’s not about making fast money; it’s about building lasting relationships and delivering consistent results. The amount you charge per lead or phone call can be substantial, especially as you grow your expertise and client base.

🚫 **Who This Course is NOT for:**

– If you’re looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, this isn’t it. Success with pay per call requires time and effort.
– If you expect immediate results overnight, this model, like any business strategy, takes dedication and a strategic approach to bear fruit.

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