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A step by step guide

What you will learn

Organic – Gardening Made easy

Kitchen Waste Management(Compost preparation techniques)

Potting Mix and Soil preparation( Types of potting Mix, Ratios, ingredients)

Bioenzyme preparation and uses

Planning and managing Organic Garden

Organic Pest Manangement


The course explains basics of Organic Gardening and step by step preparation of Compost, Potting Mix, Bio enzymes, and Organic Pest control at home. It expalins about detail processes and requirements for planning and managing your Organic Garden. A garden that you can manage from your small balcony, Terrace or backyards. It is a great guide for urban gardeners and garden enthusiasts as it makes gardener self-sufficient reducing his dependency on toxic gardening products available in today鈥檚 market. Growing your own food which is not only healthy but free from commercial toxins has become very important, as long term use of wrong farming and gardening practices have depleted our soils and environment, for our better future we have to turn towards Organic gardening and make it our lifestyle.

This course will transit you from basic knowledge to practically growing organic garden at home which will help you to grow fresh organic food right at your home or backyards.

The course covers the following topics

路 Basics Of Organic Gardening

路 Kitchen Waste Management( Composting)

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路 Potting Mix and Soil preparation( Types of potting Mix, Ratios, ingredients)

路 Bio enzyme preparation and Uses

路 Planning and managing Organic Garden

路 Organic Pest Management

I hope we create more Organic Gardeners and contribute towards saving our environment.




Table of contents
Basic requirements of an Organic Garden
Kitchen Waste Management
Leaf Compost Preparation
Compost with Soil
Potting Mix Fundamentals and preparation
Bioenzyme Preparation and uses
Important things to follow when preparing Bioenzyme
Seasons and crops
Plan your Organic Garden
Organic Pest Management Techniques