Demystifying OpenDNS

What you will learn

Understand OpenDNS Working

Learn how to use OpenDNS

Learn How To Create Network Rules and Policies to Protect Internal Networks and Users

Understand Some of the Use-Cases and Practical Implementations of OpenDNS


This is a mini course, tailored for absolute beginners and non-technical people who want to learn about OpenDNS. OpenDNS is a free software service that can be used to control Internet access and applications through DNS layer inspection.

This course is a highly stripped down version of the Cisco Umbrella course that is already published on Udemy. For those that want to learn and use OpenDNS, but not learn about Cisco Umbrella, can enrol in this free course

Begin by learning about Open DNS – What it is and it’s architecture. Understand how you can sign up for free and get yourself a free service on OpenDNS. Learn how to setup OpenDNS on your network and setup policies that meet your requirements. Setup various access control rules, application filters, website filtering, and much more. Learn how you can monitor the access and get to know the various network applications and websites being accessed on your network to get insight.

Finally, we review how we can use OpenDNS to protect our children as a use case. If you have children at home and you are a non-technical person looking for ways to control and monitor your children’s Internet access, you definitely should check this out.

This course is a miniature version of the Cisco Umbrella course already published on Udemy. If you want to get started in learning about this platform but unsure to signup for it, enrol in this free course and accordingly make a decision.



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OpenDNS For Beginers


Demystifying OpenDNS

Signup & Initial Setup

Setup OpenDNS on Router or Gateways

Testing Configuration on Phone

Setting up Policies

Troubleshooting Domains

Use Case – Protecting Children