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Methods for Developing a Strong, Reliable Memory

What you will learn

Master techniques for taking your short and long-term memory to the next level.

Make connections between familiar and unfamiliar ideas

Use landmarks to organize information in your memory

Create stories that will link ideas and spark your own interest


Recall personal names, abstract information and complex material easily! Impress your friends and family members. Have fun making associations between unexpected experiences and using humor to recall people, places and things. Work more of your senses to retain fleeting experiences. Increase your skills on the job, at school, in meetings and at parties. Become a Ninja at learning and retaining information.

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Tips for Retrieving Information from Long Term Memory
Chunking Techniques to Rock Your World
Linking Similar Sounds and Ideas
Finding Common Ground
Familiar Locations and Routes
Stories and Linguistic Terms
Rhymes and Key Words
Humorous Stories
First Letters and Phrases