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Non stop 60 minutes of Non Fungible Tokens explaination from an NFT creator

What you will learn

What is an NFT

Why NFTs are so important for Web 3.0

How to mint an NFT on Ethereum

Tips and tricks for NFTs and mintings and solutions


NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens, the whole world was moved by this one thing not that long ago and now they are full-time works for a lot of artists and developers.

In this course which is a Beginners course for NFTs and tokens, I teach you a lot which includes –

  1. What are NFTs
  2. What is so special about NFTs
  3. Why NFTs are so important
  4. What is Ethereum
  5. Why Eth has dominated the world
  6. Why does Bitcoin have stiff competition with Ethereum
  7. How to mint an NFT
  8. How not to mint an NFT
  9. What are the tips and tricks to get the most from the NFT space?
  10. What types of art can be minted to NFTs
  11. What are gas fees
  12. How to reduce or ignore gas fees
  13. Why gas fees are taken from you
  14. How to get a daily dose of crypto concepts every day
  15. A lot of hidden things

You are going to learn about all of these and a lot more in 60 minutes.

Don’t wait just get in the course it costs nothing and you learn something you didn’t know before.

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In this course, I give you a sneak peek of what is inside the crypto world and how cryptos and NFTs and Blockchain tech can change the world we are living in right now.

Waiting for you inside,

Your #1 instructor




Introduction to the Beginners Course for NFTs

Introduction to NFTs
5 Tips for NFTs from Manas
What is Ethereum?
How to mint an NFT Part 1
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