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Communicate Better Than 95% Of People. Become More Charismatic, Confident, And Know Exactly What To Say.

What you will learn

Know exactly what to say in any conversation.

Double your charisma and increase confidence.

Conversation skills and overall communication.

How to approach and talk to someone you don’t know.

Learn actionable techniques and methods to improve conversation skills.

A full list of conversation starters and scenarios.

Avoid and overcome awkward situations.

A killer first impression.

Become socially confident.

Never run out of things to say and keep a conversation going.


We’re going to improve your conversation skills by the end of this course. You will know exactly what to say in a conversation and have learned the skills to talk to anyone, in only 5 steps.

Imagine what life would be like if you had the ability to start a conversation, and create a genuine connection with someone who becomes a friend, a new employer, or a significant other.

If you’re looking for methods, and actionable strategies to improve conversations and overall social skills, then this is the course for you.

Mastering the skill of conversation will help you become successful in any career or social situation.

Our goal is to drastically improve your conversation skills, your charisma, and overall communication. We want to take you to the next level in your social life.

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What You Will Get:

  • Strategies, methods, ideas, and research to drastically improve communication.
  • Charisma methods and research-based questions will measure your likability.
  • Diagrams, social hacks, a long list of conversation starters.
  • Easy actionable steps to start and maintain a conversation.
  • A dive into the psychology of conversations and methods to overcome anxiety.
  • A Conversation Starter Guide.
  • How to Build Confidence Guide.
  • 5 social hacks you can learn in 5 minutes, and much more!

We kept this course concise, compact, and actionable because we know you’re busy. We also know you want change NOW!

How This Course Will Transform Your Life:

  • You will feel like the kind of person who can thrive in any social situation.
  • Feel confident you can carry conversations with people you’ve just met.
  • Become more likable and charismatic.
  • Contribute to conversations at work without feeling awkward and self-conscious.
  • Easily make new friends and contacts at social events.
  • Learn how to small talk the right way and turn small talk into deep conversations.
  • The ability to communicate more clearly, directly, and effectively.

When you’re done with this course, you’ll have the skills, knowledge, and the ability to build genuine and authentic relationships with the confidence to take action and live the social life you’ve always wanted.




What You’ll Learn & How To Make The Most Of It.

The First Step In Any Conversation Starts Here.

The Conversation Starts Before You Even Speak.
Understanding Your Thoughts Will Take You To Next Level Conversation.

Become Likable Using Relational Skills.

Relate To People Effectively.

Measure Your Charisma With 5 Questions.

What No One Told You About Charisma.

Drastically Improve Your Charisma.

Easy Strategies To Improve Your Charisma.

Start A Conversation With Anyone.

Start A Conversation With Anyone & Reduce Awkwardness.

The Formula To Carry A Conversation.

How to carry a conversation with anyone
Exactly what to talk about during a conversation

How You Might Be Killing The Conversation.

Don’t do this to kill a conversation.

How To End Or Extend A Conversation.

End the conversation without awkwardness.


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