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Empower Your Teaching and Training Practice with Neuroscience Insights and Strategies

What you will learn

Define and describe the concept of neuroplasticity.

Explain the biological processes involved in neuroplasticity.

Identify different types of neuroplasticity (such as functional and structural neuroplasticity).

Discuss the key historical and current research findings related to neuroplasticity.

Discuss the significance of neuroplasticity to the learning process.

Explain how neuroplasticity supports the development of new skills and knowledge acquisition.

Analyse the role of neuroplasticity in memory formation, retrieval, and forgetting.

Describe how understanding neuroplasticity can impact teaching and training strategies.

Analyse how various teaching methods can stimulate neuroplasticity to enhance learning.

Develop strategies to create a learning environment that promotes neuroplasticity.

Apply the principles of neuroplasticity to the design of teaching and training sessions.

Design a personal toolkit of neuroplasticity-informed teaching strategies.


Welcome to “Neuroplasticity: Transforming the Learning Experience,” an immersive, engaging, and transformative eLearning course designed for educators, trainers, and learning & development professionals.

This course takes you on an enlightening journey through the vibrant ‘cityscape’ of our brains, exploring the extraordinary concept of neuroplasticity – the brain’s remarkable ability to rewire and adapt itself in response to experiences, behaviours, and learning.

In this course, we’ll demystify neuroplasticity, exploring its biological underpinnings and various forms such as functional and structural neuroplasticity. We’ll delve into key research findings, both historical and current, that have enriched our understanding of this transformative process.

Going beyond theory, we’ll discuss the profound significance of neuroplasticity to learning, memory formation, and skill acquisition. We’ll explore the critical periods in learning and how understanding neuroplasticity can shape and enhance teaching and training strategies.

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You’ll gain invaluable insights into how various teaching methods can stimulate neuroplasticity, and how to create a learning environment that fosters this brain-friendly process.

By the end of the course, you’ll not only have a deep understanding of neuroplasticity but also a robust toolkit to apply these principles to your teaching or training sessions. You’ll become a skilled ‘city planner’ of the ‘brain city’, capable of shaping its landscape in ways that optimise learning outcomes and experiences.

Join us in this exciting course as we explore the transformative power of neuroplasticity, and discover how to harness it to enhance your practice and the learning experiences of your students or trainees. Let’s reshape the landscape of learning together!



Understanding Neuroplasticity

What is Neuroplasticity?
What is Neuroplasticity?
Biological Processes
Behind the Magic
Biological Processes
Types of Neuroplasticity
Exploring the Spectrum
Types of Neuroplasticity
Research Findings
Breaking Boundaries
Correction: Attribution of Rat Experiments in Neuroplasticity Study

Neuroplasticity & Learning

Neuroplasticity & the Learning Process
The Art of Learning
The Learning Process
Skill & Knowledge Acquisition
The Brain’s Blueprint
Skill & Knowledge Acquisition
Memory Formation, Retrieval & Forgetting
The Architecture of Memory
Memory Formation, Retrieval & Forgetting
Critical Periods in Learning
Timely Transformations
Critical Periods in Learning

Application of Neuroplasticity to Enhance Learning Outcomes & Experiences

Teaching & Training Strategies
Learning Landscapes
Teaching & Training Strategies
Stimulate Neuroplasticity to Enhance Learning
Activating Adaptability
Stimulate Neuroplasticity to Enhance Learning
Creating a Learning Environment that Promotes Neuroplasticity
Mastering Mindful Teaching
Mindful Teaching
Designing Sessions with the Power of Neuroplasticity
Lessons from the Brain
Designing Sessions with the Power of Neuroplasticity

Recap & Reflect