Everything you need to know about the MVI Athens program to get you ready to volunteer.

What you will learn

Prepare for your time with the MVI Athens Team

Understand the context for asylum seekers, refugees and migrants in Greece

Get used to our referral system to public and private actors

Understand the way migrants, asylum seekers and refugees can access the healthcare system in Greece


Welcome to MVI Athens Team! In preparation for your time volunteering with us in Greece, we have put together a pre-induction. It covers three key areas:

  • An introduction to MVI – including our key policies that you must adhere to during your work with us
  • An overview of day-to-day life in the Athens Team – from our clinics to our non clinical work, including referrals, inventory, trainings and morec
  • Acessing healthcare as a refugee, asylum seeker or migrant in Greece – essentials to know

Overall, the mission of MVI is to provide universal access to quality healthcare for refugees and other vulnerable populations in Greece. This is even more important when you consider that the majority of our patients lack a Greek national health insurance status, and thus have no access to healthcare.

Our core values that underpin how we work reflect the entrepreneurial beginnings of our organisation – the volunteers we attract are dedicated, take initiative and are team players that see the strength of working within a multidisciplinary and collaborative team. We believe in the value and experience of everyone, regardless of their qualification or background.

By watching these three modules, you will get a real insight to life in the programme here and should not only come more prepared for your work but feel more at ease as you join our team!




Introduction to MVI


The Story of MVI

The Refugee Context in Greece

MVI Policies

Vulnerable Backgrounds of Patients


Social Media Guidelines

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Volunteer Safety

The Athens Project

A Normal Week with MVI Athens


Refugee Camps

Hospital Visits

Health Promotion

Non-Clinical Work

Volunteer Expectations and Scope of Practice

Hit the Ground Running

Migrant Access to Healthcare

Migrant Access to Healthcare in Greece

Navigating the Greek National Healthcare System

Further Preparation

MVI Induction Quiz