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Explore these amazing libraries and learn how to use them in Test Automation Space


Java have lot of amazing external libraries which can help us to write clean code. I have covered 4 of those amazing libraries in detail and how to use them in real time projects.

1. Owner – To resolve the problems we face while reading property files.

Owner Library can help to reduce all the boiler plate code we write while reading property files. No need to do Exception Handling. It comes bundled with some amazing features like DefaultValue on missing attributes, Key Annotation for Mapping and much more.

2. Zerocell – To resolve the problems we face while reading excel sheet. Excel Reading – No more a pain

We normally use Apache poi library for Excel Reading in Java. However we need to write lot of code to get the work done. Working with different data types like Integer, date, comma separated string in excel is again a big problem. Zero cell provides solution for all the boiler plate code we write.

Reusable Converter classes helps us to maintain the business logic away from tests.

3. Fixture Factory – Generate POJO’s for you rest assured tests using Template – Easy and Fast.

We normally generate POJO’s for testing rest services. However we spend so much of time in passing the values to the POJO fields. Fixture Factory helps us to create objects based on template and can create 1000’s of objects on the fly.

4. Lombok – Say Good Bye to Verbosity.

Implement these libraries in your company and stun your colleagues !





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