Everything you need to know to obtain your first deal

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What is ideal investment?

Key Terminology

Understanding your own strengths and weaknesses

Step by Step how to buy your first property


If you have a desire to start building passive income, and generational wealth thru multi family investing, this is your one stop course, and instructor resource to start investing today. Learn hands on how to analyze a property, and all terminology needed to acquire a property. What is an ideal investment property in today’s market with rising interest? Learn how to identify your own strengths and weaknesses, and how to help build those skills. Did you know you might not even need any capital of your own? Understand your own worth when it comes to real estate investing, with no experience necessary. Build a checklist on what you need to start today from a financing perspective, and why I believe multi-family is the best investment today in real estate. I am offering myself as a direct resource for those of you who are ready to make an investment in the next 2-3 months. I am an investor and a realtor that has an investment property, and helps dozens of investors acquire a variety of types of investments. I do not teach anything I have not already done. If you want to stop watching YouTube videos, and actually learn how to do it, and want to start taking action this is the course for you.

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Multi Family Investing

About Me/ What is Multi-Family?
Ideal Investment/Terminology
Understanding Expenses
How to get started? Contract to Close
How to find rental comps after a rehab? Determining ARV.