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Learn how to invest in both old school assets and new school assets.(plus free ebook)

What you will learn

To learn basic rules and investment theories.

Understanding how to pick financial assets.

Learn different vehicles from traditional Assets to new school assets.

Asset allocation in portfolio building.

Retirement funds.


Modern investing 101 looks into both traditional and new school assets. The class will unveil traditional financial vehicles like bonds and equities. In addition to these assets, the class explores new investment assets that were brought about by technology. These new investment assets include cryptocurrencies, ICOs, and NFTs.

The course also gives enough attention to investment portfolio management theories and applies them to the retail investor’s scene. Some theories that are explained include the modern portfolio theory by Harry Markowitz. Modern Investing 101 puts emphasis on budget diversification. Retail investors do not benefit from economies of scale thereby making diversification hard. With that in mind, the class seeks to explore other new avenues of investments that make diversification possible.

Modern Investing 101 explains primary and secondary financial markets in detail. The learner is taken through various stages that companies have to go through before issuing stocks. The class teaches ways of bypassing these processes using `ICOs and how a new investor can participate in such events.

What you will learn.

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  1. Portfolio management theories.
  2. The Stock Market.
    • IPOs
    • Types of stocks
    • Analyzing stocks.
  3. Bonds.
    • Types of bonds
    • evaluating bonds
  4. Passive investing
    • mutual funds
    • index funds
    • ETFs
  5. Fundamental Analysis.
  6. Ratios
  7. Cryptocurrencies
  8. ICOs
  9. NFTs
  10. How to evaluate new investment Assets.
  11. Asset allocation in building a balanced portfolio.
  12. Retirement funds.

In the end, you should have a well-rounded understanding of investing.

The major objective of this class is to bridge the gap between conventional Assets and modern digital Assets. In turn, this should increase the options the retail investor has. The class is a one-stop for learning all investment assets. Enjoy the investment combo!

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Defining the meaning of investing
Differences between Investing and Financing
Differences between assets and investors.
Portfolio diversification according to Harry Markowitz
Introduction to financial Markets.
5 phases of portfolio management.
Investing mathematics 1
Investmet stastics and risk calculation.
The stock Market.
Introduction to the stock market.
Types of stocks.
Fundamental Analysis
Introduction to ratios.
DCF basics
Passive investing.
mutual funds
Calculations for indexes
Market Efficiency and Strategy Building.
Market efficiency
Introducing bonds
further discussion bonds.
Analysing bonds.
Investing in Cryptocurrencies
Fundamentals of analysing cryptocurrencies.
market capitalisation ratios.
Fundamental Analysis Exihibits.
Defining ICOs with reference to IPOs and Crowdfunds.
Ethereum case study.
ICOs case extra theory
Investing Psychology
psychology explained
Final touches
Asset allocation
Retirement Funds
Bonus classes
Psychology from the trader’s approach