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Change Your Belief System to Have a Breakthrough In personal as well as professional Life

What you will learn

At the end of this course, you will be able to understand and control your thought process for your emotional well-being

You will also learn to differentiate between un-healthy thoughts and learn to eliminate or stop the unfruitful thoughts


**Course Updated – Oct 2018**

To have a breakthrough in YOUR happiness and emotional well being… All you have to Do is CHANGE YOUR BELIEF SYSTEM/THOUGHT PROCESS

Have you ever thought what causes someone to persist when another would give up?

What causes a person to focus and utilize all their resources towards a goal?

What ultimately creates the difference between happiness and despair? The answer is beliefs.

Just Imagine, can there be anything more important than our thought process and our own thoughts? Our thoughts create our reality, the reality that we live in and spend majority of our most valuable time. More importantly, the quality of your thinking determines the quality of your life. Our day-to-day thoughts creates the beliefs that we process and these beliefs makes us who we are (in a good way or in a bad way).

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Our thought process is actually something that we are engaged in every day of our lives, yet we always take it for granted without even acknowledging the fact that what ever we are doing and how ever we are feeling (emotionally) is totally dependent on our thought process and It is completely in our hand to make a difference in our life with our thinking pattern.

Changing beliefs/thought process isn’t easy. Despite what some authors and speakers tell you, deeply ingrained beliefs aren’t going to disappear with one magical technique or method. But if your happiness and success is important to you it can be done.

In this course, you will learn the complete ‘blueprint’ to free yourself from the tyranny of thoughts that limit your achievement. The aim of this course is to be thought-provoking and this in return will help you to become aware of your thinking pattern and to control your thoughts instead of being controlled by them…

So, to have a breakthrough in YOUR happiness and emotional well being… All you have to Do is CHANGE YOUR BELIEF SYSTEM/THOUGHT PROCESS



Steps for Using the Course and Getting More Help!
Learn to Love Yourself First
Your ‘THOUGHTS’ Count
It’s Your Thought That Creates YOU
How to UNDERSTAND and ACT Upon the ‘Distorted Thinking’ Pattern
The Mind Is Given To Us, We Are Not Given To The Mind
You Create Your Own Thoughts
How To CONQUOR Your Thoughts
Power of Distorted thinking
Types Of Distorted thinking_ All or nothing thinking
Types Of Distorted thinking_Blaming and Filtering
Types Of Distorted thinking_Catastrophizing
Types Of Distorted thinking_Personalizing
Types Of Distorted thinking_Emotional Reasoning
Types of distorted thinking_Labelling
How Thoughts Works and What Can We Do To Make It In Our Favor
How to Put a barrier to Your Unfruitful Thoughts
Change Rigid Beliefs
Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy – Application And Breakthrough
Introduction to REBT
Therapeutic Approach of REBT
The Art of Thinking!
ABCDE Technique And It’s Application
Doubt Is Deadly
Test Your Belief
Test Your Learning!
Certificate of Completion